The Best Solar Panels for Cape Cod, Massachusetts

March 3, 2023

As solar power continues to become more affordable and wide-spread, more homeowners are considering getting solar panels installed. But not all solar panels are created equal, and not all of them are ideal for Cape Cod’s specific conditions. The Cape might be beautiful, but coastal winds and unpredictable weather can be rough on technology that isn’t designed to handle them. The wrong solar panels could end up with a shorter lifespan thanks to salt corrosion or fluctuating temperatures. That’s why if you’re going solar, you need the best solar panels for Cape Cod.

Being fellow New Englanders, we understand this better than anyone. That’s why SunPower by BlueSel solar panels use technology that’s not only more reliable and efficient than conventional solar panels, but ideal for New England coastal homes.


Conventional solar panels are not designed for the salt-heavy conditions of New England’s coast. Many use metal paste that is fragile and breaks easily, or will become less efficient when there’s salt buildup. Even if you’re not directly on the water, so long as you’re in a coastal town, salt residue can be brought in by the ocean winds.

In contrast, the solid copper backing of our solar panels are non-corrosive, so they can withstand the harsh salt water of the Atlantic Ocean. These copper backings also allow for optimal power conversion, so even if there’s salt buildup on the panels, they are still efficient at drawing power from the sun.

Great for New England Weather

Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t like New England weather, wait a few minutes.” Every Cape Codder has experienced a week where the weather fluctuates from balmy to below freezing. That can be hard on some solar panels and will impact how much energy they can take in. Not SunPower solar panels, though! Their cells easily contract or expand depending on the changing weather conditions, so they adapt quickly to the Cape’s seasons, from the height of summer to the dead of winter.

Even if there is damage, whether from normal wear-and-tear or a massive Nor’easter, our 25-year warranty will ensure your panels get repaired ASAP. After all, we’ve provided over 1000 homes throughout Boston and Cape Cod with solar panels – we know the value of keeping them in top condition.

SunPower solar panels are ideal for Cape Cod

They Look Great

Cape Cod has an image to maintain – sandy beaches, historic sites, and quaint seaside homes. Some homeowners might worry that solar panels will ruin their home’s appearance and are willing to sacrifice savings and modern progress for aesthetics.

However, SunPower solar panels are the exact opposite of an eye sore, both literally and figuratively. They have a sleek and attractive design without unsightly grid lines, but beyond that, their anti-reflective coating prevents solar glare. You won’t need protective sunglasses to look at your home as you show it off.

Better for the Environment

Cape Cod is known for its picturesque beauty, and we all need to do our part to keep it that way by protecting its ecosystem. Even just reducing your carbon footprint is a massive help in the long-run, and doesn’t it just feel good knowing that you’re protecting the environment?

Solar farms are already doing their part, but every little bit helps make a difference when fighting climate change. When we install our solar panels, we’re making Cape Cod – and the planet as a whole – a better place.

Economically Smart

There’s no point in sugarcoating it; utility bills in Cape Cod and much of residential Massachusetts have been skyrocketing due to the global natural gas situation. That’s because Massachusetts relies heavily on natural gas as a fuel source. The best way to save yourself the stress of a high utility bill is to switch over to solar power.

Yes, solar power can carry an expensive price tag at first, but once you look into how much money you save on your bills, it’s easy to see that it’s worth it. SunPower’s solar panels are especially so – those copper backings that not only make it ideal for Cape Cod’s weather also make them 30% more efficient than conventional panels, and their unique light-trapping surface grabs more light and thus more power. So even if you pay more up front, you’ll be making that money back in savings in no time.