About Sunpower by BlueSel

Since 2009, SunPower by BlueSel has installed hundreds of solar energy systems throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. Under the leadership of Wally Cole and Michael Tanghe, BlueSel has become New England’s premier choice for solar energy systems. BlueSel offers the “hometown feel” of being locally-based and privately-owned while, at the same time, offering SunPower panels that are nationally recognized. SunPower panels are the most efficient, most durable panels available with the Best-in-Class warranty. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Your New England SunPower Master Dealer

SunPower by BlueSel is the first SunPower Master Dealer in New England. Unlike other Massachusetts solar installers, not just any solar installer can install SunPower solar panels. SunPower’s dealers are carefully selected by SunPower. Of those, only the best are invited to become Master Dealers. Of the approximately 1,200 SunPower dealers worldwide, there are only 31 Master Dealers.

Delivering Quality Solar Energy

Our team members and trained installers don’t just sell the product, they help educate our customers about the benefits and cost savings available through solar energy. They strive to give our customers a realistic assessment and projection of how their solar energy system will perform. Our SunPower panels provide the highest quality solar energy at a fair and affordable price.

We welcome you to contact us with your questions. See how you can start harnessing solar power in your home or business with our solar energy systems.


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