Introducing The M-Series
Solar Panels by SunPower

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Models that Match Your Energy Needs and Increase Curb Appeal

The M-Series Solar Panels, SunPowers latest solar panel innovation, are the most powerful AC panels available in Massachusetts. BlueSel Home Solar offers two models for home installation, both offering a highly-durable design that stands up to mother nature, high temperatures and produces energy in partial shade. The M-Series panels are sleek, stylish, and subtle, adding a touch of prestige to your home, increasing curb appeal while providing unmatched home solar performance.

black and white solar panel
M435 Solar Panels
Black and White Panels with 435W energy output
All black Solar Panel
M415 Solar Panels
All Black Panels with a 415W energy output

Sleek, Elegant Design

Long gone are the days of eye-sore solar panels. SunPower by BlueSel has always brought refined, sleek, and elegant premium solar panels to your home. And now, with the M-Series, SunPower has outdone itself again. The SunPower M-Series solar panels bring a premium look and feel to every home that they are placed upon.

  • Our ultra pure silicon layer helps transfer the energy with optimal power conversion.
  • A solid copper foundation layer provides structural strength for long-term durability.
  • Our unique outer surface traps light more efficiently and provides a stunning visual design.
25 year sunpower solar panel warranty for A-series

Still the Best-in-Class Warranty

SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar panels remains the best investment in solar power in Massachusetts. With our 25-year warranty, you’ll enjoy financial peace of mind for years to come knowing that your panels are consistently protected, efficient, and providing clean, sustainable energy for you and your family.

Delivers 60% More Energy Than Conventional Panels

Don’t get stuck with lackluster performance. With SunPower engineering, the M-Series Solar Panels deliver up to 60% more energy over a 25-year period than conventional solar panels. When you factor in BlueSel Home Solar’s local expertise and experienced installation services, there’s simply no match for maximizing solar energy output and financial benefits. Contact us today to learn more!

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Photo of SunPower A Series Panel

Expert Solar Installation From BlueSel Home Solar

When you choose to go solar, you want to make sure that you’re trusting installation services to experienced professionals who know the area well. SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar has installed hundreds of solar energy systems throughout Eastern Massachusetts since 2009. As a SunPower Master Dealer, BlueSel receives access to the latest, most advanced solar technology on the market, such as the M-Series Solar Panels. So, are you ready to go solar?

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