Why Your Roof is the Best Place for Solar Panels

March 20, 2024

When you think of residential solar panels, you instantly picture them mounted on a roof. The roof is the go-to place for home solar systems. But you might be wondering if they have to be installed on the roof. Couldn’t the solar system go on the ground? Technically, they can be, and some companies specialize in ground-mounted solar panels. But in our experience, the roof continues to be the best place for solar panels. Here are the reasons why.

Lower Installation Cost

You might not think so, but ground-mounted solar panels are actually more expensive to install than rooftop solar panels. This is because ground-mounted solar panels require their own dedicated structure to be mounted on. This increases equipment and labor costs as a new structure has to be constructed from scratch. In contrast, when you install solar panels on your roof, you already have a solid structure to put them on. This ends up saving you a lot of time and money.

You’re also saving money on wiring and installation costs. Solar panels that are installed on the roof have a lot less distance between them and your house. This reduces wiring costs that ground-mounted solar panels could require due to how far away they are from your house. Ground-mounted solar systems are also more susceptible to shading. This means you might need to spend extra money on cutting back trees and other obstructions. Roof-mounted solar systems might also require some tree trimming, but it’s typically significantly less than ground-mounted systems as being elevated onto the roof typically means there’s fewer obstructions.

Man installing solar panels on roof.

Better Use of Space

Consider how big your property is. You might have a large yard, or perhaps it’s on the small side and your house takes up most of the space. So you need to ask yourself; how much of my yard am I willing to sacrifice for solar panels? If the answer isn’t “a lot,” you might be out of luck. Solar panels take up space, as the more surface area they cover, the more sunlight they can catch and convert into electricity. When you install ground-mounted solar panels, you’re sacrificing space that could otherwise have been used for a garden, patio or play area for the kids.

That’s where the roof is so perfect for solar panels. It takes up the same amount of surface area as your house, and you don’t actually do anything with it. Roof-mounted solar panels make good use of that otherwise unusable space. This leaves your yard free to enjoy and do with as you please.

You should also consider the landscape of your property. If you have a perfectly flat yard with no obstructions blocking the sun, you’re golden. However, some properties have hills, or slopes in a direction that would make it impossible to position solar panels to catch sunlight. You’d have to spend a fortune in landscaping services to give yourself the optimal flat, level yard just so you could install your solar panels. With a roof, you might need to do some renovations so you have optimal angles and materials, but it’s also a practical investment as a new roof will protect you from inclement weather and other natural hazards.

Better Long-Term Savings

As an added bonus, going with a roof-mounted solar system can save you money in the long run, too. For example, rooftop solar can help cool your home in the summer. The sunlight that would typically be hitting the roof and heating up your home is instead going into the solar panels and converted into electricity.

On top of that, you might find that your roof-mounted solar panels can protect your roof from the weather, which can extend its lifespan. This is especially beneficial if you’ve recently invested in a brand-new roof, as you’ll want to get the most out of it. With a ground-mounted solar system, you don’t get these practical, long-term savings and benefits.

Overall, the roof continues to be the best place to install solar panels. You’ll find the installation costs more agreeable and it’s a much better use of space. Contact us today to start your solar installation process.