What Does BlueSel Home Solar Cost

Since every system by SunPower by BlueSel is custom-designed for your home, your site, and your energy needs, it’s impossible to say how much your solar energy system will cost without first performing a site evaluation. Once we conduct an on-site evaluation of your home we’ll provide you with a better idea of how much a solar panel system would cost.

What’s important to know is:

  • SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar will price your solar panel system fairly.
  • There are a variety of solar panel financing methods available, and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best method for your needs.
  • There are numerous tax credits and other incentives that make solar more affordable than you may think.
  • Most of our customers are cash flow-positive soon after going solar.
  • There’s no harm in investigating solar energy. Until you’re ready to buy, there’s no cost or obligation.