Due to high demand for solar energy system installations in Massachusetts, BlueSel Home Solar is unable to support any service for owners who are not existing BlueSel customers for the remainder of 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Solar Panel Maintenance

If you are a current BlueSel Home Solar customer with a question or concern about maintenance and service, please drop us a note at inquiry@bluesel.com. Make sure to include the installation site address, your preferred time and way to be contacted, and any brief description or explanation that you feel will help.

In over a decade of servicing Massachusetts homeowners, we at BlueSel HomeSolar recognize there is an unfortunate history of solar installers which are no longer in business or with a reputation for lower quality/poorly installed solar energy systems. This is why we are dedicated to providing maintenance and assistance to all solar panel owners, not just our own customers. It’s our way of giving back to homeowners who have committed themselves to running their house on solar power.

When our certified technicians and installers are available, we will gladly consult and offer support and repairs as needed, even for solar panels installed by other companies. Our goal is to make sure everyone’s solar experience is positive, offering service when we are able.