Get solar panels that suit your Cape Cod home

Choose the Right Solar Panels for Cape Cod

March 10, 2024

Solar has been booming throughout the nation, with the industry continuing to grow year by year. In fact, Massachusetts has been the fifth best state in the United States for solar power. Naturally, with residential solar flourishing and utility bills continuing to rise, it’s time to take the plunge and get solar panels installed.

If you live on Cape Cod, your home could greatly benefit from going solar. However, this beautiful bit of New England comes with its own challenges. Here is a guide to going solar on Cape Cod so you’ll know what to expect and what solar panels to get so you experience the most benefits.

Consider the Climate

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t like New England weather, wait ten minutes.” Cape Cod, being in coastal Massachusetts, is of course subject to temperamental weather. Rain, snow, hail, heat, and more come and go at a moment’s notice. Solar panels, typically positioned on your home’s roof, need to be able to handle all sorts of weather.

This is why SunPower solar panels are arguably the best solar panels for Cape Cod. For starters, they’re some of the most reliable and long-lasting solar panels on the market. Their highly-durable design stands up to mother nature, both high and low temperatures, and needs very little maintenance. This means they can handle the nor’easters Massachusetts is so famous for. Even if they do get damaged, BlueSel offers a best-in-class 25-year warranty and a 10-year warranty on workmanship. This ensures you’re covered for decades. 

SunPower solar panels are ideal for Cape Cod

Prevent Salt Corrosion

You also need to keep in mind that living near the beautiful Atlantic Ocean means salty coastal breezes. Salt causes certain metals to corrode and rust faster. As solar panels are an investment, you want them to last a long time with minimal need for maintenance or costly repairs.

SunPower solar panels are also salt-resistant, with solid copper backings that are non-corrosive. They won’t break down or rust and can even keep drawing in power efficiently when there’s salt build-up on the solar cells.

Go for Solar Efficiency

Speaking of efficiency, that’s a key aspect when it comes to going solar on Cape Cod. With an average of 197 sunny days per year, you want to get solar panels that can make the most of the sunlight that comes down, even on cloudy days. Increased efficiency also means that the solar panels produce more power per area of your roof. On top of that, the more efficient your solar panels are, the fewer panels you’ll need to meet your solar production needs and savings targets.

When you’re looking for efficiency, SunPower is the way to go. Our panels are 30% more efficient and last 30% longer than other solar panels. They also have the lowest degradation rate in the industry, so they will last you for decades. This will allow you to enjoy the extensive benefits of solar power for a long time and get your money’s worth.

Cape Cod is a beautiful area and a fantastic place to live. Your lifestyle can become even better when you go solar so long as you choose the right solar panels. Go with BlueSel and you’ll have a local solar installer that offers efficient, sleek, and weather-resistant solar panels perfect for any Cape Cod home.