Get solar panels in Massachusetts

Make the Most of Massachusetts’ Solar Potential

April 10, 2024

If you live in Massachusetts, you need to understand that this state has massive solar power potential. By installing residential solar panels, you could find yourself reaping the benefits others might be missing out on. Over 5 Gigawatts of solar power production capacity has been installed in the state, mostly from rooftop solar on residential houses. With the state approaching 1 million solar homes, you should be one of the many who are benefitting from solar installations. It’s time to recognize Massachusetts’ solar potential and why you should go solar.

Lowers Utility Bills

Massachusetts has a high cost of living. There’s no arguing that fact. Utilities are an especially high bill for some, as Massachusetts residents pay 25% more than the national average residential electricity rate per kilowatt-hour. In fact, it’s highly probable that we’ll see future increases from Eversource and the National Grid. However, that’s only part of why it’s a great place to invest in home solar panels. 

By installing a solar system on your roof, you can cut down on your monthly utility bills. The main one is electricity, as your solar panels will convert sunlight into electricity so you don’t need to depend solely on the grid. It can also bring down your heating bills if you change out your oil-burning furnace to electric heaters. In fact, the more of your home living needs you electrify, the more savings you can achieve by offsetting your demand for fuel and grid-provided power with solar panels. Solar panels can bring two major monthly bills down to nearly $0. With this, Massachusetts becomes a much more affordable state for you to live in.

State Solar Incentives

You might not know this, but Massachusetts ranks fifth in the nation for solar power. One of the biggest reasons it offers great state tax credits. For starters, you have the SMART Program, where the state of Massachusetts pays participating solar panel owners a predictable price every month for their solar system’s energy production.

These benefits are even better if you play it smart and combine them with the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. This tax credit allows new solar panel owners to credit 30% of the cost of installing solar panels to their federal income tax. With the recent signing of the Inflation Reduction Act this tax credit was increased from 26%. Homeowners are still able to claim fractions of the 30% over more than one year, with a total cap of 30%. This means that you’ll want to get solar panels installed sooner rather than later to get the highest tax credit possible.

How Does Solar Save Me Money?

Get Highly Efficient Solar Panels

To make the most of Massachusetts’ solar potential, you need to have efficient solar panels. That’s why you should go with our solar panels made by SunPower. We provide the most efficient solar power systems in Eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. They’re 30% more efficient than other solar energy systems. This means you get more energy per square foot.

As Massachusetts also gets an average of 197 sunny days a year, you especially want to make sure you’re using efficient solar panels so your home is running on full power even on cloudy days. Even with some of the worst of New England weather, you’ll be able to take advantage of the indirect sunlight that seeps through the cloud coverage.

Massachusetts has untapped solar power potential, and you can make the most of it in your home. Contact us today to get BlueSel Home Solar to begin the solar installation process.