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Omkar Chhatre

Omkar Chhatre

Job Title: Solar Energy System Design Engineer Job Description:

I deal primarily with pre-sale Design Support, the components associated with project installation, and tech support.

Education/certificate/training on solar panels:

MS Energy Engineering, Solar. BS Mechanical Engineering.

Expertise description as it relates to solar energy:

I am responsible for preliminary and final system design, electrical schematics, structural drawings, and commissioning solar energy systems.

Best part of working for SunPower?

I enjoy that there is a sense of respect and appreciation for what I do. I also love the freedom to do my job the way I want to.

Interests outside of the office?

Playing soccer and dancing.

What is one thing you like to do in the sun?

The sun is perfect the way it is. The only thing we need to do now is plant more trees and take care of our environment to continue receiving its blessings forever.