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Justin Reichers

Job Title: Solar Consultant Job Description:

Consulting with homeowners about the financial and environmental benefits of going solar.

Education/certificate/training on solar panels:

Bachelor of Arts, Westfield State Unniversity (class of 2002) & Bridgewater State Unniversity, Graduate Studies.

Expertise description as it relates to solar energy:

I began at BlueSel in January of 2015. I have a varied background in sales and customer service.

Best part of working for SunPower?

Two things in particular jump out: The first is that the job, by it's very nature, simultaneously allows me to help a customer financially, while at the same time impacting the environment in a positive way. The second is, while it is a demanding job, it's never a dull job. No site, no sale and no install is exactly like any other. Every situation is unique, so the challenges never become boring. It's new every time.

Interests outside of the office?

Over a decade playing in a local flag football league, where I am the oldest guy on the team, so it keeps me in shape and keeps me young! I love the camaraderie and the competition. Also, I recently became a father to my first child, a little boy. Everything about watching him grow and learn, and develop into his personality fascinates me.

What is one thing you like to do in the sun?

It's a toss up between going to the beach (the whole reason I love to live on the Cape!) or, as I get more settled in my home, learning how to grow my garden and plan the arrangements of plantings in my yard.