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Battery Storage Systems

Home Solar Storage That Puts You In Control

Available with your SunPower panels, sonnen’s home solar battery storage systems, eco series and sonnecore, put enhanced residential energy management directly into your hands. With an array of highly functional, eco-friendly, and innovative smart features, these energy storage systems will allow you to:

  • Reduce grid reliance and potentially lower monthly energy bills.
  • Easily manage and monitor your home energy usage.
  • Keep home essentials power-up when the grid goes down.
  • Allow your solar system to continue to produce power when the grid goes down.

Two Incredible Solar Storage Options

  • Eco: Power + Flexibility, up 20 kWh storage capacity.
  • Sonnencore: Compact + Affordable,  10 kWh storage capacity.

The sonnen eco + Bluesel Installation

Eco features a sleek, slender footprint, designed to take up minimal space within your home. BlueSel’s professional installation team will work with you to find an appropriate spot for the device that allows your easy access without getting in the way.

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Product Highlights

Power Unit


  • Continuous output: (AC) 3-8 kW
  • Peak output: 8.5 – 17 kW
  • AC specifications: Up to 8 kW solar inverter


  • Continuous output: (AC) 4.8 kW
  • Peak output: 8.6 kW
  • AC specifications: Up to 6 kW solar inverter

Energy Capacity


  • Usable capacity: 5 kWh-20 kWh (in 2.5 kWh steps)
  • Depth-of-discharge (DoD): 90%


  • Usable capacity: 10 kWh
  • Depth-of-discharge (DoD): 100%



  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 26/57/19 (eco 5 – 12.5); 26/84/19 (eco 15+)
  • Weight: 394 lbs. (eco 5); 830 lbs. (eco 20)
  • Enclosure rating: NEMA 12 (indoor)


  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 27/68/11
  • Weight (approximate): 348 lbs.
  • Enclosure rating: NEMA 12 (indoor)


Eco + Sonnencore:

  • Battery chemistry: Lithium-iron-phosphate
  • Warranty: 10,000 cycles or 10 years



  • Time-of-use load shifting
  • Solar self-consumption
  • Emergency backup power
  • Automatic transfer switch: Built-in 200A
  • Transfer time: 30 seconds


  • Time-of-use load shifting
  • Solar self-consumption
  • Emergency backup power
  • Automatic transfer switch included (0.4 sec.)



  • ETL Listed to UL9540, UL1741 (Inverter), and UL1973 (battery modules) standards
  • FCC part 15 Class B compliant


  • ETL listed to UL9540 (system), UL1741 / UL1741SA (inverter), UL1973 (battery modules), UN38.3 standards (shipping)
  • FCC part 15 Class B compliant

Complete Your Home Solar System

Sonnen’s eco and sonnecore solar storage systems are seamlessly compatible with new and already installed SunPower solar panels. With expert installation provided by BlueSel, we’ll have a sonnen solar battery storage system integrated within your system in no time, delivering a powerful, cost-effective addition to your home solar system.

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