Why You Should Only Trust Professional Residential Solar Installers In Massachusetts

Why You Should Only Trust Professional Residential Solar Installers

April 6, 2021

Spring is here! And, with the sunny days finally starting to return to Massachusetts, you may just be thinking about installing those solar panels that you have always dreamed of. And honestly, who wouldn’t? Solar panels are an incredible investment in your future finances, the community, and the environment.

With the ongoing pandemic keeping most of us within our own property on these beautiful days, it may be tempting to make residential solar panel installation your next DIY project.

However, we strongly encourage you to reach out to local residential solar installation companies to perform these installations because, despite stress-free for professionals, trying to install them yourself can cause costly and even dangerous damage to yourself, your roof, your home, and your brand new solar panels.

And, who wants that? Certainly not us! So, let’s go over the top 4 reasons why you should only trust professional Massachusetts solar panel installation technicians with your solar system installation.

DIY Solar Panel Installation Warning

1. DIY Solar Panel Roof Installations Can Be Are Dangerous!

While many home renovation projects can be fun to tackle on your own or with your family, solar panel installations are not one of them. These installations involve moving heavy equipment against, well, gravity, which is never a good idea unless properly prepared. 

It’s also worth noting that solar panel installations mainly happen on rooftops and there is an inherent danger whenever someone untrained or inexperienced decides to hop onto a roof. 

Here at BlueSel, the last thing we want to hear about is a member of our local community getting hurt (or worse) attempting to install solar panels.

2. You’ll Damage Your Solar Panels!

While durable when properly installed, solar panels, like anything really, can be delicate if mishandled. It takes a skilled and trained professional residential solar installer with knowledge in specific panel brands and types to properly transport, handle, and install solar panels.

One of the worst “oops!” moments that you can have is accidentally breaking a solar panel or panels due to inexperienced handling, wasting hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars, and potentially delaying your home’s solar installation.

Trust Professional Massachusetts Solar Panel Installers

3. You’ll Damage Your Home!

Say you manage to somehow not damage your solar panels in the process of transporting and getting them up onto your roof, you’re still running the risk of causing expensive and detrimental damage to your roof and your home overall. 

Accidents happen, and professional technicians know how to avoid these accidents, preventing them from happening and causing your installation to take longer and cost more money.

 4. Improper Installation Affects Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel installation is complex, requiring exact measurements, panel design, roof compatibility, electrical wiring, and more to run properly. Knowing how to properly bring all of these factors together comes with time, training, and experience. If you want to get the most out of your investment in solar energy, reaping all the benefits that come with residential solar panels, you’ll want to make sure that you trust expert professionals with installation.