Choose BlueSel as your home solar system installer

Why You Should Choose BlueSel as Your Solar Installer

January 20, 2024

While solar has been a growing business in Massachusetts over the past several years, it’s important to choose the right company to install your home solar panels. A home solar system is an investment and you deserve only the best in quality, customer service, and benefits. That’s why you should choose BlueSel as your solar installer. We provide the best service throughout Cape Cod, bringing your home into the future with our cutting-edge solar technology.

Get High-Quality Solar Panels

For starters, BlueSel offers only the highest quality solar panels to our customers. We utilize the most innovative solar technology to ensure you get the most solar energy powering your home. In fact, SunPower solar panels are 30% more efficient than the competition’s. This means they convert more solar energy into electricity even on cloudy days.

With our solar panels, you can reduce your energy and heating bills and live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and become part of the effort to bring the United States’ emissions down to net-zero by 2050.

Over Thirteen Years in Business

Solar panel installers come and go, but we’ve been servicing homes in Massachusetts and throughout Cape Cod for over 13 years. We’ve achieved this through a combination of top-quality products, great customer service, and sustainable business practices. We tailor our solar consultation process to each customer’s home and specific needs, so you’ll know whether your house is right for solar panels and installation can begin as soon as possible.

We’ve grown from a small local business to one of SunPower’s exclusive Master Dealers. Why is this a big deal? Because out of SunPower’s 1,200 dealers worldwide, only 30 companies have achieved Master Dealer status. This is an indisputable sign that we’re a trusted, recognized solar panel company.

SunPower solar panels are ideal for Cape Cod

An Unmatched Solar Warranty

One of the reasons we’ve stayed in business for so long is because of our best-in-class 25-year warranty. It’s something our competitors simply can’t match. We offer our customers complete confidence with our comprehensive warranty that covers power production, panels, microinverters, and racking. This means that if you experience any issues within 25 years of getting our solar panels installed, we’re here to help. We’ll send out a certified installation contractor to resolve your issue ASAP.

Referral Program Benefits

When you start experiencing the incredible benefits of solar panels, you’re naturally going to want to tell your friends. After all, people are more likely to go with a company that their friends and family have had a positive, first-hand experience with. As for you, your incentive to refer our products to friends and neighbors comes in the form of a monetary reward. If someone you refer enters a contract to go solar with BlueSel, you’ll get $500 as thanks. How’s that for incentive?

When you go solar, you deserve a company that will be there for you, is experienced and enthusiastic about solar energy, and provides nothing but the best in services. With BlueSel, you’ll find that and more. Contact us today to begin your solar installation.