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What is Maxeon Technology

November 24, 2020

At the heart of BlueSel’s SunPower solar panels lies Maxeon Technology. You may be asking, “well, what is Maxeon Technology?” And, in today’s blog, we’ll explore just that. 

In our past entries, we have gone over what exactly sets SunPower solar panels apart from conventional panels, but let’s deep dive into SunPower’s Maxeon cells’ technology and development, and more importantly, how these cells benefit you. 

Facts About Maxeon Technology Graphic

About Maxeon Technology

The solar power industry is a world that is continually changing and competing. This competition breeds rapid solar innovation that significantly benefits the customers (hint: that’s you) and, ultimately, the world (hint: that’s ALL of us). One of the most groundbreaking innovations developed for residential homes is Maxeon Technology.

Maxeon solar technologies were developed with the goal of creating more durable and efficient residential solar panels. By creating the Maxeon cell, solar panels are more accessible to residential homes now more than ever. These cells make up the core of some of the most durable and efficient solar panels currently available on the market and are ready to be expertly installed onto roofs and homes worldwide. 

Maxeon Cell Makeup – Built for Durability & Efficiency

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Maxeon cells are designed with a strong copper foundation within every cell. This adds massive strength to each cell, combined to create much stronger solar panels than conventional builds allow. The copper backing also effectively resists standard corrosion, meaning that Maxeon cells last much longer than traditional cells, saving you maintenance, time, and money.

The copper foundation also allows for optimal power conventions. In fact, Maxeon cells have been shown to increase energy efficiency by 30% past conventional solar panels. The innovative light-trapping surface grabs more light, transferring more solar power directly into your home, significantly reducing your monthly energy.

And, it’s worth noting that these cells look pretty sharp while doing their job. The anti-reflective coating features little-to-no solar glare and creates a sleek black surface, eliminating the eyesore grid lines commonly associated with solar panels.

Weather the Storm with Maxeon Solar Panels

Through their durable design, Maxeon cells are perfectly prepared to withstand the severe, erratic, and frequently unpredictable nature of New England weather conditions. Maxeon cells’ thick and robust connectors easily contract or expand, flexing with the weather, and adapting. As we all know, you can never quite predict what kind of weather conditions we will wake up to each New England morning. 

So, suppose you’re thinking about installing solar panels onto your home to reap the benefits of investing in solar power. In that case, you’ll want to protect that investment by installing the most durable solar panels available. This is where Maxeon Technology comes in, providing peace of mind knowing that your solar panels are protected from the inside out, no matter the weather.  

A Clean, Cost-Efficient Solar-Powered Future

The exciting possibilities that revolve around Maxeon Technology are endless. This breakthrough solar innovation gives homeowners and families more options for investing in solar power, bringing sustainable, renewable energy into the home. With the durability and efficiency of Maxeon cells, we hope that one day, solar power can become the norm, leaving more money in your wallet and an all-around cleaner planet.