Ways to Go Green and Save on Utilities

Ways to Go Green and Save on Utilities

September 20, 2023

Utility bills have been going up in Massachusetts, and people are looking for ways to save. The world has also begun taking note of the environmental impact of our over dependence on fossil fuels and looking for ways to convert to clean, renewable energy. This is why, if you’re looking to go green and save money, here are some cost-effective, long-term solutions you can add to your home.

Reduce CO2 Emissions 

Homes create 24% of Massachusetts’ total greenhouse gas emissions. As the state has a goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050, it’s important to find ways to reduce the CO2 emissions of your house. That’s why you should look into ways to turn your house into a clean energy home.

One of the best ways to do this is to replace gas-powered appliances, like ovens and furnaces, with electrical appliances. While much of Massachusetts does still use fossil fuels, it has been converting over to clean energy to produce the state’s electricity, so electrical appliances are still better than oil and gas ones.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

If you’re someone who likes a well-lit home, you might be paying for it with your utility bills. The cost of electricity has been going up in Massachusetts, and producing electricity burns a lot of fossil fuels. But of course we need light, so it’s vital to find energy-efficient lighting to cut down on usage without sacrificing illumination.

An easy way to do this that saves you a bit of money is to replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED light fixtures. They save up to 90% more energy and last up to 25% longer than incandescent light bulbs. This means you’re using less electricity, which will reflect in your energy bills. 

Man holding light bulb in his hand

Get Solar Panels for Your Home

Perhaps the best, most cost effective way to go green is by installing solar panels on your roof. After all, while LED light bulbs can reduce your electricity bills, going solar can practically eliminate them. Then there’s the fact that solar energy can power your whole house, which will reduce your CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.

This is especially true when you use our solar panels, as they are up to 30% more efficient than other solar panels, and carry an unprecedented 25-year warranty. Because of this, by switching from the grid to solar power, your utility bills can drop down to $0 per month and the panels will last for years. Plus, if you live in Massachusetts, you get added tax benefits and incentives that will basically pay for your solar panels within a few years.

Being environmentally-conscious doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, in many ways it can save you money in the long run. This, combined with the positive environmental effects of reduced reliance on fossil fuels, results in a greener planet and more green in your wallet.