Summer Solar FAQs

Summer Solar FAQs

May 21, 2023

Summer is on the way, which is the best time of year for people on Cape Cod. The weather is warm, the towns are vibrant, and most importantly, the sun is shining brightly. With longer, sunnier days coming, you likely have some questions about your solar panels and how they’re affected in the summer. That’s why we’re here to answer your questions!

Is Solar Better in the Summer?

Everyone knows there’s more hours of daylight in the summertime. On a summer day, you’ll get up to 5 more hours of sunlight than in the winter. More sunlight means more energy is being generated and turned into free electricity. Add this to the fact that our panels are 30% more efficient than other solar energy systems, and summertime solar energy is hard to beat. 

Will Solar Energy Power My Air Conditioner?

Solar power can power your AC unit, along with your whole house! Solar panels work by capturing particles of light called photons. These photons break electrons free from their atoms, knocking them apart, and generate electricity. This electricity powers the electronics in your house, from your refrigerator to your television to, yes, your air conditioner.

Does the Heat Affect Solar Panels?

High temperatures can negatively affect some solar panels. However, our solar panels utilize technology that is designed to withstand and adapt to changing weather conditions. They use thick, robust connectors that easily flex or contract depending on the temperature. 

Besides that, coastal towns like those on the Cape are naturally cooler than more inland towns thanks to ocean breezes. So it’s rare for temperatures to get up high enough to drastically affect your solar panels’ efficiency.

This means that while conventional solar panels might not be able to take the summer heat, if you have SunPower solar panel systems, you’re made in the shade.

Will My Energy Bill Be Affected?

Everyone talks about rising heating bills, but cooling can be just as costly. For many homeowners, summer is notorious for higher energy bills. This is because people are cranking up the air conditioner, fans are running, and kids are home from school and using electronic devices.

If you have solar panels generating electricity, your bill will be drastically lower than your non-solar neighbors. Solar power is one of the best ways to save money on your energy bill during the summer. Solar is great any time of year, but in months that require more energy usage to combat extreme temperatures, like in summer and winter, it’s a more noticeable benefit.

Should I Install Solar Panels During the Summer?

bluesel home solar professionals at work

Summer is perhaps the best time of the year to install solar panels on Cape Cod. The weather is more consistent, so you won’t have installation delayed due to rain or storms. It gives the workers more daylight hours to get the job done, too. But best of all, you’ll be able to start using your solar power right away once everything has been installed.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home to solar power this summer, contact us today. We’ll assess your house and see what solar panels might be right for you.