Striving for Zero Waste

September 4, 2018

Is your community striving toward the goal of zero waste? Many cities, towns, and counties have started initiatives to embrace the lifecycle of products and resources so that they are reused, repurposed, and recycled, thus creating less and less waste. This idea of ditching plastic, going natural, and breaking dependence on fossil fuels is ultimately striving toward the goal of “Zero Waste”.

Environmental advocates have long encouraged the idea of recycling and reusing products and materials as a way to help cut back on toxicity in our landfills. Now take this a step further; living a zero waste lifestyle means making small but meaningful changes to the way you live in order to protect our planet’s resources. While bigger actions, like buying a hybrid/electric car or installing solar panels on one’s home are two big ways to help lower our carbon footprint, there are small things that everyone can do to help reduce waste. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use refillable water bottles instead of plastic single-use bottles.
  2. Switch to reusable totes for shopping and grocery store visits.
  3. Buy non-perishable food in bulk to reduce the amount of overall packaging.
  4. Compost your food scraps.
  5. Bike, walk or, at least, combine trips to reduce your carbon emissions.
  6. Donate clothing and reduce or eliminate the amount of new clothing you buy.
  7. Laundry wash only when there is a full load and use cold water when possible.
  8. Line dry clothing when possible.
  9. Cut back on incoming mail including brochures, catalogues, and mailers.
  10. Recycle all paper.
  11. Use drought tolerant plantings around your property.
  12. Install a rainwater barrel to use for lawn and garden watering.
  13. Consider going solar including solar roofing panels and even solar chargers for your devices.
  14. Swap out paper towels for cloth towels.
  15. Check for zero waste days in your town where appliances and electronics can be repurposed.
  16. Shut off the water while you brush your teeth.
  17. Go paperless for your bills.
  18. Consider buying a hybrid for your next car.
  19. Examine your family’s level of food waste and, when buying fresh produce, buy local.
  20. Educate your friends and family about your efforts toward becoming a zero waste home.

Are you environmentally conscious and want to strive toward saving natural resources? Looking into solar energy systems is a step in the right direction. Talk to the professionals at SunPower by BlueSel. Call us at 781-281-8130 or visit our website.