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Solar Power and Oceanside Homes

April 3, 2018

One of the best things about living along the New England coast is the access to the ocean.

The water views, sandy beaches, picturesque lighthouses, and sun-kissed boats add to the charm and joy of living in Massachusetts. Even the warm breezes and smells of the salty ocean on a summer morning are enough to have New Englanders longing to head out to the shore.

Unfortunately, these sights and smells often come at a cost. This cost is measured in decay and corrosion of buildings, cars, and outdoor items, often caused by the thing we love the most – the ocean air that contains high levels of salt.

Environmental Factors & Solar Panels

Most homeowners who live near the shore know that environmental factors like the salty air and ever-present water in the air can mean corrosion. For many, this means having rust spots on their car or having to paint the exterior of their home more often due to decay or salt deteriorating anything metallic. But what about those solar panels that you see on everyone’s homes taking advantage of the brilliant seaside sun? Are they vulnerable to the same kind of corrosion that other items left outside are? What happens to homes that are located by the ocean, but utilize solar energy? With Solar Panels from Sun Power by BlueSel, you have nothing to worry about when you’re located by the ocean. Read on to

Sunpower by Bluesel residential roof

SunPower Panels by BlueSel Are Safe

That is where SunPower solar cells are different than most. Our solar panels have been designed so that the salty and moisture-rich environment along our shores will not corrode the metallic components such as: the racking system, wiring, or even the power cells themselves. This is huge for homes in New England!

Our solar systems are highly corrosion-resistant and are designed and installed to last 25 years no matter whether you are landlocked or perched on the ocean’s edge. Now homes near the oceanfront can enjoy solar energy with few inhibitions. Many homeowners ask us time and time again about their proximity to the ocean and how this influences home solar panel.

yellow house with sunpower by bluesel panels

Tried & True Materials For Oceanside Homes

Our panels have undergone rigorous testing that simulates the effects of salt mist and harsh coastal weather. As installers of SunPower panels all along the Massachusetts coast and throughout the Cape Cod region, we pride ourselves on having tried and true materials that can withstand the beautiful environment that we call home. This is a game changer for Cape Cod, North Shore and South Shore homes. For more information about solar systems with SunPower by BlueSel, call 781-281-8130.