Solar Myths Debunked

June 11, 2018

There is a lot of buzz out there about solar energy systems. With over 1.3 million Americans using solar to power their homes, there is no doubt that it is a topic that is discussed with family, friends, and neighbors. While solar has been around for decades, the technology, installation, and cost has evolved. Unfortunately, some misconceptions about solar energy have stuck around. Here are a few of the most common solar myths debunked.


  • Myth – “I should wait to install when the prices come down and it is a better value.”

Fact – Sure, all technology evolves and improves, but guess what? The panels that are being installed on your home today will still be at 85-90% efficiency in 20-25 years!  About what other appliances in your home can you say the same? In addition, solar systems have become more affordable as the production has increased. The time to start taking advantage of savings is now.


  • Myth – Solar panels are unattractive.

Fact – SunPower solar panels that use Maxeon technology are sleek and black with no grid lines. This new look means less glare and a more natural roofing look. Some homeowners report that they don’t even notice them.


  • Myth – Solar panels could ruin my roof.

Fact – Our solar installers are professionals who have installed hundreds of panels on homes across our region. Our installers carefully inspect each roof and evaluate the load it can carry, the pitch, and the orientation to the sun. Our engineers are thorough and treat your home as if it were their own.


  • Myth – Solar doesn’t work in the colder northern climates due to lack of sun.

Fact – Solar panels work very well in the cold climates as the cold temperatures increase their conductivity, letting electricity flow more efficiently. All a home needs is sun exposure that can be evaluated by the engineers. Even homes that do not have direct sun exposure can be eligible.


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