SunVault Solar Battery Storage

Solar Storage Solutions: SunVault by SunPower

January 5, 2021

As a SunPower Master Dealer, BlueSel gains access and information to the latest, most innovative solar technology to come from the always forward-thinking minds at SunPower.

For years, the solar industry has strived to produce the best solar storage systems for residential use, keeping the lights on when the power’s out. Now, SunPower has achieved this milestone, unlocking a whole new range of exciting and advanced solar power storage solutions and utilizations ripe for exploration.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore the SunPower SunVault Storage Systems, from how the system works and the ways that you can use it within your home.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage In Massachusetts

4 Benefits of SunVault Solar Systems

1. Solar Battery Backup: Power Emergency Essentials

The unpredictable nature of weather in New England makes SunVault a valued component of your solar system. In the event of rolling blackouts, or even a simple neighborhood power outage, SunVault keeps the lights on as well as your essential appliances and devices, such as the refrigerator, television, heaters, etc. While local grid power outages, regional blackouts, and severe weather are often more annoying than an actual threat, the line between frustration and danger wears thin, especially during frigid winter months in Massachusetts. With SunVault solar storage solutions, you and your family can have peace of mind knowing that when the grid goes down, the solar battery can power your home as long as it remains charged.

2. Solar + Battery = A Winning Combination

Did you know your solar system will not continue to operate when the grid goes down unless your solar system is combined with a battery backup system? The SunVault battery system allows your solar to operate and continue to provide power to your home, as well as continue to charge your SunVault battery during outages (as long as the sun is still shining). You and your family can enjoy the comfort of having power in your home for days on end when the grid goes down, and be the only house in the neighborhood with the lights on!

3. Smart Energy Monitoring

Smart software embedded within SunVault solar systems monitors your system 24/7, keeping a watchful eye on home energy usage and the storage battery’s state of charge. This software can help monitor your home energy usage & the battery state of charge during power outages.  This will allow you to make informed decisions on how you should use your solar and battery energy during these outages.

4. Federal & Massachusetts Solar Incentives

The Solar Investment Tax Credit

Residential solar systems installed in 2021 qualify for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), a 26% federal tax credit that, according to, is a “dollar for dollar reduction in the amount of income tax that you otherwise would owe the federal government.” Additionally, if you include a solar storage system with your solar panel installation you can take advantage of the savings from the tax credit.

Massachusetts SMART Program

If your solar system is part of the well-regarded Massachusetts SMART Program, you can add your solar storage system for additional financial benefits. According to, “the Storage Adder rate is calculated using the formula presented in the Energy Storage Guideline. The rate is added to the base compensation rate for the solar tariff generation unit,” maximizing your income from the SMART Program.

For more information regarding Federal and Massachusetts tax credits and solar incentives, check out our comprehensive blog covering what you need to know.

Solar Storage Installed by SunPower By BlueSel Home Solar

While solar storage is still within its early stages of home implementation, SunPower By BlueSel Home Solar has been granted a limited supply of SunVault systems. Storage units are very limited at this time, but we fully expect to see an increase in system availability shortly. If you have any questions about the new systems, timelines, and details, we’d love to chat! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding solar storage and availability.