Reasons to Refer Solar Power to Friends and Neighbors

Reasons to Refer Solar Power to Friends and Neighbors

July 10, 2023

Going solar has been such a wise choice for you, and you want your neighbors to join in the positive environmental and financial impact this change has made. Because of this, you may be telling your friends and neighbors about us. First of all, thank you! Much of our business comes from our satisfied customers who then refer BlueSel Home Solar to others.

But we’re not the only ones who benefit from your referral. Referring our services helps your friends make a shrewd investment, gives BlueSel extra credibility, and in the end even helps you financially! Here’s how:

1. Benefits Your Neighbor

Solar panels come with a lot of perks. They can lower your energy bills, you get tax incentives, and it can even increase the overall value of your home. You’re already benefiting from all of this, but why shouldn’t your neighbors? 

There are studies that have shown that if even one person in a neighborhood gets solar panels, their neighbors are more likely to do the same. They’ll be even more eager to take the plunge if they hear first-hand from you how easy the installation is, how quickly the savings on energy bills offset the cost, and how good the tax benefits are. Your word could be the final push they need, and by referring BlueSel, you save them the time they might otherwise waste searching Google for recommendations. Like you, they deserve highly-efficient solar panels with a 25-year warranty, and we’ll make sure to provide.

Man installing solar panels on roof.

2. Helps the Environment

It’s a fact that solar panels are better for the environment than traditional fuel sources. They help cut down on fossil fuel usage, reduce greenhouse gas, and don’t give off any pollution into the air. They don’t even give off noise pollution. Solar is a renewable power source that is safe and efficient, providing a clean energy alternative to oil and other non-renewable resources.

Massachusetts is hoping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 85% by 2050. One of the big ways they’re doing this is by encouraging more homes to go solar, offering the SMART Program and federal solar tax credits as incentives. When you go solar, you reduce your carbon footprint. When you refer others to do the same, you decrease the overall environmental damage your neighborhood could cause. This may not seem like much, but if you refer even two people to go solar, and they both refer two more, who then each refer another two more, you start a chain reaction that can cause a big, positive impact on the environment.

3. Get a $500 Reward

When you refer someone to us through our neighborhood referral program, you’re doing yourself a favor, too! If your friend or neighbor enters a contract to go solar with BlueSel, you’ll get $500. It’s our way of thanking you and giving one more incentive to help your community embrace the benefits of solar energy.

And because you’ve been telling your neighbors about us, you raise BlueSel’s credibility. The more people know about the top-quality solar panels we offer, 25-year warranty, and financial benefits, the more people will be eager to go solar. And the more people go solar, the better off the planet will be. It’s a win for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Talk to your friends and neighbors about switching over to solar power today! You’ll be helping them, the environment, and yourself just by telling others about the benefits of installing solar panels.