Do Solar Panels Cause Health Issues?

Do Solar Panels Cause Health Issues?

June 20, 2023

With solar energy and home solar panels becoming more commonplace, people are beginning to wonder about possible health risks. After all, there is now a large device on the roof that turns the energy of the sun into electricity. Is that really safe to have just over your head for decades? The answer is yes,...

Solar Facts You Need to Know

June 14, 2023

Solar power is great, but it’s an often misunderstood power source. Whether it’s because solar panel technology evolves at such a fast pace or information is muddled by competitor energy sources, it’s important to know the facts. They can help inform your decision on whether solar panels are right for your home, or simply impress...

Summer Solar FAQs

Summer Solar FAQs

May 21, 2023

Summer is on the way, which is the best time of year for people on Cape Cod. The weather is warm, the towns are vibrant, and most importantly, the sun is shining brightly. With longer, sunnier days coming, you likely have some questions about your solar panels and how they’re affected in the summer. That’s...

Why Now is the Time to Go Solar in Massachusetts

May 15, 2023

If you live in Massachusetts and have been considering getting solar power for your home, there is no better time than now! It’s always been a worthwhile investment due to the savings and positive impact on the environment, but if you’ve been dragging your feet, it’s time to act. Massachusetts might not seem like the...

Solar Panel Maintenance Costs

Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance Costs

April 20, 2023

Before deciding whether you should install solar panels onto your home’s roof, you may wonder about the necessary upkeep and maintenance costs. Good news! Solar panels are a long-term investment that requires very little home maintenance or upkeep to provide you with cost-effective solar energy for up to 25 years, which is absolutely a win...

New From SunPower: U-Series

April 10, 2023

At SunPower by BlueSel HomeSolar we are proud to announce our latest product: the U-Series solar panels!  With a high power density and excellent low-light performance, the U-Series panels are perfect for homeowners who want to maximize their energy production while minimizing their environmental impact. Designed as part of the SunPower Equinox® system, it comes...