Utility Bills

Dog Days of Summer and Your Utility Bills

July 16, 2018

Man is it hot out there! But I guess we don’t need to tell you that. As the temperatures and humidity rise, so too must your utility bills. This is especially true if you are like the people in my house who like to keep the temperature at a comfortable level for not only our...

The Future of Solar Energy

July 9, 2018

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the solar industry is the fastest growing source of energy in the nation and the biggest employer of all energy industries. Compared to 187,000 positions in all fossil fuels combined, solar generates 370,000 employees. Solar is not just growing, it is becoming an energy source not to be...

Solar Benefits U.S. Economy

July 2, 2018

Solar energy is one of the most sustainable and clean energy sources on our planet. That means that solar energy systems are a step in the right direction for our fragile environment that faces the daily onslaught of increased carbon emissions caused by human activity. Solar, however, is not just beneficial to our planet Earth,...

Real Savings with Solar Energy Systems

June 25, 2018

Maybe you have heard talk on the news about solar panels. Or maybe your neighbors have had some installed on their roof. Or maybe you are just curious about the real cost benefit of solar. No matter what made you start thinking about solar, the benefits are real. The positive impact on the environment is...

Buying or Selling a Home with Solar Panels

June 18, 2018

Over 1.3 million homes in America have solar panels. This number is not surprising, as installation costs have greatly decreased when it comes to solar panels for your home. The importance of harnessing this power has become extremely popular, and in 2019, homeowners are seeing the increase of value in solar panels.  Solar is the...

Solar Myths Debunked

June 11, 2018

There is a lot of buzz out there about solar energy systems. With over 1.3 million Americans using solar to power their homes, there is no doubt that it is a topic that is discussed with family, friends, and neighbors. While solar has been around for decades, the technology, installation, and cost has evolved. Unfortunately,...