Can Solar Panels Break?

September 10, 2023

Your solar panels are an investment, as they reduce your energy bills and provide great tax benefits while helping the environment. But you might be wondering what to do if your solar panels break, or how much maintenance they require. SunPower panels are one of the most efficient and resilient solar systems on the market....

Is My House Right for Solar?

August 20, 2023

You’ve heard about the various benefits you’ll experience by going solar. Installing solar panels can save you money on utilities, offer you tax benefits, and even increase the value of your house. On top of that, solar is a massive benefit to the environment as it’s a clean, renewable resource. So you may be asking...

Reducing Pollution and Cost with Renewable Energy

Reducing Pollution and Cost with Renewable Energy

August 10, 2023

As discussions of climate change become more heated, the world has begun looking towards clean, renewable energy sources to reduce pollution as well as costs. Wind, hydropower, and solar energy have all been taking off as people begin looking for cheaper ways to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Why are we focusing on energy?...

Title Graphic The Truth about "Free" Solar Programs

The Truth About “Free” Solar Programs

July 17, 2023

As you’ve been shopping around for a reliable, top-quality solar panel system, you may have seen advertisements for free solar panels or no-cost solar programs. These ads typically state that companies will install solar panels onto your roof for free, often with the claim that the government requires it. They boast the long-term benefits of...

Reasons to Refer Solar Power to Friends and Neighbors

Reasons to Refer Solar Power to Friends and Neighbors

July 10, 2023

Going solar has been such a wise choice for you, and you want your neighbors to join in the positive environmental and financial impact this change has made. Because of this, you may be telling your friends and neighbors about us. First of all, thank you! Much of our business comes from our satisfied customers...

Do Solar Panels Cause Health Issues?

Do Solar Panels Cause Health Issues?

June 20, 2023

With solar energy and home solar panels becoming more commonplace, people are beginning to wonder about possible health risks. After all, there is now a large device on the roof that turns the energy of the sun into electricity. Is that really safe to have just over your head for decades? The answer is yes,...