How Do Communities Benefit from Residential Solar Power?

October 5, 2022

  Investing in your own home with the installation of a solar system is obviously beneficial to both your finances and carbon footprint, but did you know that your community as a whole can benefit greatly from the installation of residential solar power? Read on to find out how making the switch to solar is...

Graphic with white background reading "How the Inflation Reduction Act Can Help You Decarbonize Your Home"

How the Inflation Reduction Act Can Help You Decarbonize Your Home

September 23, 2022

  In our previous blog, we discussed what the inflation reduction act was and what it means for you and your investment in solar energy. In this post, we will further expand on this topic and discuss how you, as a homeowner, can go about the process of decarbonizing your home with incentives from the...

White background with "What Does the Residential Clean Energy Credit Mean for You and Solar Energy?"

What Does the Residential Clean Energy Credit Mean for You and Solar Energy?

September 2, 2022

  The Biden Administration recently signed and passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a law that addresses many components of the current economy, intended to “lower costs for families, create good-paying jobs for workers, and grow the economy from the bottom up and the middle out.” This is good news for solar energy because the administration...

Graphic image reading "Solar Energy is at the Center of a Sustainable World" over a blue background

Solar Energy is at the Center of a Sustainable World

August 20, 2022

Topics such as climate change and fossil fuels reside permanently on the minds of today’s conscious consumers. With temperatures and gas prices rising, it is becoming harder to ignore the fact that the sources of energy our modern world relies on are not sustainable in the long run. In order to halt the damage being...

Graphic design reading "Do SOlar Systems Require Maintenance?" over a blue background

Do Solar Systems Require Maintenance?

August 1, 2022

Owning a home is a huge responsibility that requires almost daily maintenance and upkeep. Making the decision to install a solar system, although having many benefits for the environment and your wallet, is still another addition to your home that may require some maintenance. But just how much maintenance? Keep reading to find out how...

electric vehicle charging

Preparing Your Home for an Electric Vehicle

July 19, 2022

The average price of gasoline has peaked this year at $5 a gallon here in Massachusetts and is much higher in many locations across the country. If you’re like most Americans, you’re looking for a little relief from the sticker shock every time you fill up your tank.  For some, that relief comes in cutting...