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How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

August 15, 2018

Now that you have decided to go solar, save money, and lower your personal carbon footprint, you may have specific questions about the panels, payments, and installation. One of the more common questions we get is “how do we know how many solar panels a home needs?”  Let’s take a closer look at the factors...

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Inside Solar Panels – How They Work

August 8, 2018

Have you ever driven by a home with solar panels or a roadside sign using solar power  and wondered how it all works? We often have clients (and neighbors of clients) approach our technicians and ask just that: “How does it all work?” For today’s blog, let’s take a look inside a solar panel system...

SunPower by BlueSel 2018 Top Solar Contractor

August 1, 2018

We are so proud to announce that the Solar Power World “Top Solar Contractor” list includes our very own SunPower by BlueSel. More than 10,600 megawatts of solar power were installed last year in the United States, and our BlueSel installers were recognized by Solar Power World magazine for its contributions to the industry. We...

Massachusetts is Making Strides in Clean Energy Legislation

July 23, 2018

Congratulations Massachusetts! Over the past few weeks, the Massachusetts State Senate, and now the House, have considered, voted on, and passed comprehensive energy legislation that will make major strides in Clean Energy. Once the bill’s final language has been hammered out, the legislation has the ability to cut pollution, address climate change, and give a...

Solar Energy All Around Us

July 23, 2018

Remember the days when your mom used to dry the family’s clothes out on the clothesline in the backyard? The sheets would blow in the breeze and shirts would smell like summer after a day of drying outdoors. For decades we have been harnessing the power of the sun to dry clothes and even crops,...

Dog Days of Summer and Your Utility Bills

July 16, 2018

Man is it hot out there! But I guess we don’t need to tell you that. As the temperatures and humidity rise, so too must your utility bills. This is especially true if you are like the people in my house who like to keep the temperature at a comfortable level for not only our...