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Our 5 Step Solar Panel Installation Process

January 26, 2021

So, you have arrived at the conclusion that you would like to invest in and install solar panels onto your home. How exciting! You may be wondering where to start and what questions to ask when installing solar panels in Massachusetts. In today’s blog, let’s explore our solar panel installation process, in the hopes that it will give you clarity and what to expect from consultation to installation. 

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Step 1: The Initial Solar Panel Consultation & Agreement

While we seek to make solar installations as smooth, simple, and straightforward, installation isn’t quite as simple as ordering an item from Amazon. It requires an expert set of eyes, knowledge, and experience to handle properly, ensuring that your panels are installed correctly and made to last.

For this reason, at the beginning of all installation processes, we send an experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous member of our team to your home to perform a standard and efficient solar consultation. During this meeting, you will be able to ask any questions that you may have pertaining to solar power, our solar systems, and the installation process, ensuring full transparency. We’ll also create a preliminary design scheme, custom-made for your home.

An essential piece of this consultation process is examining your current energy usage, your energy needs, and utility bills, alongside quickly evaluating your home’s roof and sun exposure. At the end of the process, we’ll give you as much time as you need to decide, with the information provided, if solar panels are the right choice for your home.

Step 2: Site Survey and Official Design Work

After signing your initial agreement, we’ll get to work surveying your home, roof, and surrounding property, enabling us to create an official design specifically for your house. This visit is essential, as we’ll examine the trees surrounding your home, potentially casting shade onto your panels or any other potential obstructions. This enables us to design a panel framework that ensures that your solar panels produce energy as efficiently as possible. After all, that’s why you chose to go solar!

Step 3: Acquiring The Permits

Home renovations, construction projects, and other high-end home activities often require the correct and proper permitting from local and state authorities. This process can be frustrating, confusing, and convoluted. 

But, here’s the good news, our experts handle most of the paperwork for you! By taking most of the paperwork out of your hands, you can be assured that the permits and forms and application processes are filled out and done correctly, handled by local solar experts. We even complete the application necessary to inform your local utility company of your solar installation. It’s that easy!

Step 4: It’s Installation Day!

After the paperwork is submitted, stamped, and approved, the real fun begins. It’s time to install your solar panels! At BlueSel, our solar installation professionals make this process straightforward and easy with minimal disruption to your daily life while the installation occurs. We install the panels quickly and efficiently, making sure to connect them to your home’s current electricity system. 

When all is said and done, we stick around to walk you through operations, answer any questions that you may have (please ask as many as you’d like!), and provide a detailed manual for future reference.

Step 5: Solar Panel Activation

Before we can fully activate your fully-installed solar panels, there needs to be one more inspection done by local authorities. Once that has been completed, you are good to go! It’s time to start enjoying your investment in clean, renewable energy, an investment that is sure to net you and your loved ones benefits for years to come.