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How to Find a Reliable Solar Installer

May 21, 2018

So you have decided it is time to start investigating how solar can help your wallet and the Earth? The good news is that by choosing solar you will be saving money on your utility bills as well as making strides toward reducing your carbon footprint. But how do you sort through the list of names of solar installers that you found on your Google search? Here are some tips from the people who know solar inside and out on how to find a reliable solar installer and a company you can trust.

Look Local

  • The New England region, while spectacularly beautiful, brings with it some challenges when it comes to outdoor technology. The sea air along the coast tends to be chock full of salt and water particles that have blown in from the ocean. While you might enjoy that salty ocean smell, your outdoor electronics and metal equipment may be at risk for corrosion and rust. The SunPower panels are non-corrosive unlike some of our competitors panels. By finding a local solar installer, like SunPower by BlueSel, you are guaranteed to have installers that not only know what they are doing but understand the region well. Our company is unique in that we are locally owned and operated.

Look for Experience

  • As you look for an installer ask about years of experience and how many panels they have installed in the past year. For 10 years SunPower by BlueSel panels have been installed on hundreds of homes of our satisfied customers. In fact, there are currently 600 homes collecting energy with SunPower panels, along the east coast of Massachusetts and on Cape Cod. Check out our rating on the Better Business Bureau as well as online review sites.

Look for Expertise

  • Unlike other Massachusetts solar energy companies, not just any solar installer can install SunPower solar panels. SunPower’s dealers are carefully selected by SunPower. Of those, only the best are invited to become Master Dealers. Of the approximately 1,200 SunPower dealers worldwide, there are only 31 Master Dealers. Taking this to the local level, we are one of the only Master Dealers in New England.

Look for the Details of the Warranty

  • While many installers have some level of warranty only SunPower by BlueSel has a 25 warranty that covers not only our panels but the power production. We also cover 10 years of workmanship. Check out the details of our warranty on our website.

Do you have questions about finding an expert solar installer? Call SunPower at BlueSel 781-281-8130 to set up an appointment to see if your home is a good candidate for solar panelling.