How The New England Cold Actually Improves Solar Panel Efficiency

How The New England Cold Actually Improves Solar Panel Efficiency

March 16, 2021

Brrrr! It’s a bit chilly outside, isn’t it?

As we all know, it tends to get a bit chilly here in New England during the long winter months. As we hunker down to escape the cold, watching the sun set earlier and earlier every day, it can be hard to imagine using the sun as an energy source. After all, isn’t the sun’s presence limited during the winter? Well, not quite.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore how the cold weather (specifically, New England cold weather) affects solar panels and if it should factor into your decision to install solar panels onto your home.

do solar panels work better in hot weather

Do Solar Panels Work In The Cold?

There’s a common misconception that solar panels only work efficiently during the long, hot summer days. And usually, this is the result of people equating heat with light. Now, it’s an understandable mistake as we definitely feel the sun’s effects more during summer in the form of, sometimes intense, heat.

However, light from the sun and heat from the sun are not the same. While we may think of solar panels as more productive closer to the sunbelt, heat has actually been proven to lower solar panels’ efficiency, perhaps making Massachusetts one of the best places in the nation to own solar energy systems. In fact, solar panels are actually more efficient in the cold than in the heat! So, rest assured, solar panels are an excellent option for providing your home with renewable energy during the winter.

Remember, solar panels need light, not heat. And, while the sun does tend to set earlier during the winter months, your solar panels are actually running more efficiently during those winter daylight hours.

Can Solar Panels Freeze?

Can Solar Panels Freeze in New England?

Even in below-freezing temperatures, solar panels retain the ability to turn sunlight into electricity. Remember, SunPower solar panels are built by some of the most innovative solar engineers in the industry and are built to withstand the worst that mother nature can throw at it. So, whether you’re facing down a Nor’easter, blizzard, or polar vortex and utilize the proper professional solar installation practices, your panels should remain unscathed and efficient.

Ensure Your Panels Safety With Professional Solar Installation

While you can find copious amounts of correct technical jargon throughout the internet regarding solar panels, cold, and weather effects, the simplest answer is to trust professional solar companies in Massachusetts for design, installation, and maintenance services. 

Most expert solar designers, technicians, and maintenance professionals use only the best materials when creating and installing solar panels. These materials are durable, able to withstand most extreme weather conditions, including extreme temperature changes. 

Professional solar panel system designers and installation technicians, such as the team here at SunPower by Bluesel, are experienced and knowledgeable in various roofing situations and environments. We’ll ensure that your solar panels receive the most direct sunlight possible year-round, regardless of the temperature.