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BlueSel Celebrates 13 Years of Solarizing Eastern Massachusetts Homeowners

May 3, 2022

BlueSel Home Solar recently celebrated its 13th anniversary! Today, let’s take a closer look at the solar installation company to see how far it’s come and the fantastic achievements it and its team have accomplished along the way.

The Origin of BlueSel Home Solar

On April 18, 2009, BlueSel Home Solar was founded in Sandwich, Massachusetts, by Michael Tanghe and Wally Cole. The company was initially named Blue Selenium Solar in honor of the earliest known discovery of photo-voltaic phenomena by experimenting with Selenium. 

At the time, Blue Selenium Solar focused on providing expert solar installation services throughout the southeastern parts of the state. However, after finding success and praise within their local community, it was time to expand its reach.

Staying Dedicated To Bay State Homeowners

solar installation in Eastham, MA

In 2015, BlueSel Home Solar opened its second office in Woburn, MA. This allowed BlueSel to expand its solar installation services to eastern and northeastern markets in the state. 

Since the beginning, Wally and Mike have continued their dedication to helping Massachusetts homeowners and communities go solar. By 2021, the company has helped over 800 Massachusetts households install home solar systems – helping these households become freer from ever-increasing utility costs and proactively protecting our environment.

BlueSel and its founders also regularly participate in local solar programs, renewable energy advocacy, and non-profit solar projects. These include the Newton Solar Challenge, Wellfleet Solarize Program, and the Provincetown Solar Challenge.

Solarizing Massachusetts

solar panel installation on house

With 13 years of quality service and over 800 home solar installations, BlueSel has developed a reputation for high-quality solar installations and dedicated service. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say!

We had a great experience with BlueSel and our system was beautifully installed. The sales and project management team were prompt, effective, and great to work with. The admin staff gave us step-by-step guidance on our Mass Solar Loan paperwork and all of the other details. The electrician and panel installers did a stunning job, with extra work done to conceal equipment and wiring and to accommodate our schedule and numerous special requests. We paid good money for the best panels and we got the best service and installation to go with our purchase. Thank you!” – Ryan S.

Rob and the team were excellent on our project house in Newton. So professional and organized. Beautifully well done installation and I’m very happy with the overall experience. Thanks all!” – Leanne S.

All of this has helped BlueSel Home Solar earn the title of SunPower Master Dealer.

What Does It Mean To Be A SunPower Master Dealer?sunpower master dealer

In 2015, BlueSel Home Solar became a SunPower Master Dealer. There are over 1200 SunPower Dealers in the world. However, only 31 can call themselves Master Dealers.

To receive this title, solar installation companies must go through a rigorous selection process:

“Master Dealers are chosen by SunPower to represent the globally-trusted brand, combining SunPower’s 30 years of industry experience and the selected solar company’s local expertise.

  • Invitation only to fully represent the SunPower brand in residential markets
  • Most stringent criteria in areas of installation, training, and customer satisfaction
  • Provide consistent and superior SunPower-branded experience to homeowners” (source: SunPower)

This means that BlueSel customers receive the latest SunPower solar energy products – delivering the highest performance capabilities to their homes, increasing energy efficiency and utility savings.

Meet Our Founders!

Before we continue, let’s meet our founders. Mike Tanghe and Wally Cole have combined their business, engineering, and solar expertise to form BlueSel Home Solar. They use their experience and enthusiasm for solar power to lead a team of talented solar professionals, consultants, and engineers to provide top-notch services in Massachusetts.

Meet Mike Tanghe

Mike Tanghe of BlueSel Home Solar
Meet Mike Tanghe – Co-Founder and COO

Michael brings 25 years of experience in all aspects of mechanical engineering, construction, and renewable energy systems design to BlueSel Home Solar. Michael is an expert at utilizing various computer software packages for modeling and optimizing solar system designs, ensuring that our customers receive the highest output and energy savings achievable.

BSME University of Massachusetts // BMET Rochester Institute of Technology // Photovoltaic Systems Designer // Solar Thermal Systems Designer

Meet Wally Cole

Wally Cole of BlueSel Home Solar
Meet Wally Cole – Co-Founder and CEO

Wally Cole has over 25 years of experience in New-England based technology companies. Wally has also served as a Director and Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for technical product lines at companies including Navisite, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard. 

Wally has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA in Business from Boston University. He is also a certified Photovoltaic Systems Designer. 

Controlled Growth – BlueSel’s Commercial Division

After expanding its residential territory in 2015, Mike and Wally formed a brand new commercial solar installation division. This allowed BlueSel’s expert team to dedicate its many resources to designing and installing rooftop solar for businesses and industrial operations, including suitable non-profit projects.

In 2018, BlueSel’s commercial division expanded to Rhode Island. And in 2022, the company plans to expand its services up to New Hampshire, further broadening BlueSel’s reach and helping to create more sustainable commercial facilities – benefiting both the businesses and the communities.

Below, you’ll find just a few examples of the many commercial and non-profit projects that BlueSel has completed.

Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA

solar panels on eagle hill school in hardwick ma
230 kW of solar installed at Eagle Hill School.

BlueSel installed a 230 kW system on the Eagle Hill School’s gymnasium in Hardwick, Massachusetts. As a non-profit project, BlueSel’s team worked closely with the school to secure creative third-party financing and solar ownership.

Since then, the school has used the savings generated from its rooftop solar panels to further support its educational endeavors, including sustainability and environmental programs.

Coastal Nissan in Norwell, MA

solar panels on the roof of coastal nissan
102 kW of solar installed at Coastal Nissan.

BlueSel also helped Coastal Nissan in Norwell, MA install 102 kW of solar onto their property. In completing this commercial solar project, BlueSel was able to help the dealership save on utilities while also supporting sustainable energy. 

BlueSel’s Expanded Referral Program

The commercial division also provides an opportunity for those who wish to introduce solar to various organizations within their community – our expanded Referral programs.

This program allows current customers the chance to connect BlueSel to their employer or any other commercial operation interested in going solar. Residential customers can also refer neighbors or members of their community that own business property. 

Referrals are based on the solar capacity of the installed system, which can make the referral fees paid to our customers up to three times more than the standard residential fee offered. Essentially, it’s a win-win for all parties involved!

Interested in referring commercial clients to BlueSel? Get started by filling out the form here!

Creating A Solar-Powered Community

After 13+ years of quality service, BlueSel Home Solar continues its commitment to providing the best solar solutions for homeowners in eastern Massachusetts. As we continue to expand our reach, we cannot thank our customers enough for their continued support.

Together, we can help make our communities safer, cleaner, and more energy-efficient, creating lasting change for generations to come, one solar installation at a time.

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