Benefits of Solar Battery Storage in MA

4 Benefits of Utilizing Solar Battery Storage

November 6, 2019

If you have recently decided to go solar and are thinking about adding a storage battery to your system, you have come to the right place. SunPower by BlueSel will be offering battery solutions that work in conjunction with our solar energy systems. 

Having a storage option when it comes to solar energy is smart for many reasons: from maintaining energy security to making the most of the power your home produces, and even to help decrease your personal carbon output. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of adding solar battery storage to your solar energy system. 

TOp 4 Benefits of Storing Solar Energy From Your Solar Panels

Having Energy Security 

Living in New England, we know that storms such as blizzards, Nor’easters, and the occasional hurricane can mean widespread power outages for hours or even days. Standard solar panel systems require power because of how your panels are connected to the electric grid. With a battery connected to your solar energy system, you will have energy security even when the power goes out or, for some reason, the grid is unstable. 

Making the Most of Your Power 

Most homeowners use the majority of their power in the early morning and evenings, before and after working hours. Solar energy systems collect the most amount of power during the most direct sunlight hours such as midday. Having a battery connected to your system means that homeowners can actually store the extra energy produced during peak sun hours instead of feeding it back to the grid. With the combination of solar and storage, any excess solar energy that is produced during the day can be stored in your battery. You can use the solar that’s saved in your storage battery to reduce the amount of energy that you use from the grid during expensive peak hours when utility rates are the highest. Adding a battery to your system means making the most of the power you are producing already! 

No Noise or Air Pollution 

Often the solution to an unstable power grid or loss of power means homeowners rely on powering up their diesel generators to power their homes. These are typically extremely noisy for the surrounding neighbors and produce a large number of greenhouse gasses. While solar batteries may cost a bit more, they are noise-free and do not produce greenhouse gasses. 

Seamless Connection 

How Solar Energy Stores In Your Battery

Our solar battery storage solution works seamlessly with our solar energy systems. It was designed with our components in mind. This means you get the best of both worlds: our best-in-class solar energy system and the battery component. Our energy systems and storage systems work in perfect harmony and are both covered under the SunPower by BlueSel warranty. 

If you have been wondering about the power of solar battery storage, call our specialists today at 781-514-6402 to learn more or contact us on our website.