Blog title "Be A Good Neighbor with Solar" with an image of a house with solar panels on the roof

Be A Good Neighbor with Solar

March 14, 2023

So you’re thinking about going solar. Maybe you’ve already set up a consultation or you’ve signed the check and gotten the paperwork in order. You’re feeling good about all the money you’ll save on energy costs and your impact on the environment. But then you look outside and a concern hits you; what will the neighbors think?

The good news is putting solar panels on your roof won’t destroy your relationships with the neighbors. 

Installation is Relatively Quick

Let’s be honest – it can be a pain when our neighbors do renovations on their house. It’s an inconvenience. There can be lots of trucks parking on the street that cause traffic congestion, construction that can start early in the morning when you’re trying to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, and depending on the project, it can take months before it’s finished and peace returns. Thankfully, once the actual installation starts, on average most SunPower by BlueSel solar systems take a maximum of three days to install. They’re also fairly low-maintenance, so you won’t have repairmen constantly coming by to fix them.

Solar Panels Have No Noise Pollution

No one likes a neighbor that plays loud music late at night or whose dogs bark at all hours of the day. So a major concern some neighbors might have is how much noise your new solar panels will cause. Luckily for both them and you, solar panels have no moving parts and thus produce little to no noise. Your neighborhood will remain peaceful and pleasant.

Lead By Example

Not everyone likes to stand out in a neighborhood. As much as you’d love to keep an inflatable dragon on your lawn year-round, you can’t seem to bring yourself to do something that might draw extra attention to your home. You chose your solar panels because they were sleek and unobtrusive against your roof. But will they still make you stand out among the other houses on your street?

Shockingly, no. Did you know that if you get solar panels, you’ve actually increased the chances of your neighbors getting them, too? It’s true! Studies have shown that if one person in the neighborhood gets solar installed, others will too. It could be for any number of reasons; keeping up with the Joneses, seeing first-hand how solar panels look on a house, or a better understanding of how they work and the benefits from talking to you.

The last one is especially helpful in solidifying their decision. You can give them a first-hand account of how much money you’ve saved on your energy bills, the amount of energy they produce during peak summer months versus the winter, and more. You’re a trusted source and the best person to inspire your neighbor to make that big change.

You can even use this to your advantage! Use our neighborhood referral program and if they enter a contract with SunPower by BlueSel, we’ll pay you $500! You deserve a reward for leading your neighborhood into the golden age of solar energy.