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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Solar Power

March 22, 2020

By now, just about everyone has heard of solar power. And while there’s a good chance you’ll be familiar with some of the key concepts of the renewable energy source, there’s also a good chance that you have just as many questions as answers.

In this blog post we set out to answer some of those burning questions you have about solar power. Take a look at the questions we’ve answered below, and if we didn’t get around to a question you were hoping to see answered, reach out to us directly to talk solar.

Your Most Burning Question About Solar Powered Answer

How Do Solar Panels Actually Work?

Let’s tackle the basics first. Within the answer to this question, you also might inadvertently find the answers to other questions you have about solar power.

Let’s start with the definition given by Live Science, “Simply put, a solar panel works by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity.” Now this statement may sound complicated to varying degrees based on how much science you remember from back in high school, but the main takeaway is that sunlight is converted to energy through a seemingly complex, but actually surprisingly simple process which involves capturing the sun’s energy, and turning into electricity. Once the energy is generated, it’s used to power devices, products, and homes.

Does Solar Power Still Work on Cloudy Days and at Night?

This question is asked so frequently that we actually took the time to write a blog about it. It’s also a fair question: how could an energy source that relies on the sun function when the sun is nowhere to be found?

While solar panels do not actively generate energy at night due to the total lack of sun, they do still generate power on cloudy days. During cloudy days, solar panels still collect UV rays from the sun, just to a lesser extent.

Then how, you might ask, does a home that’s run on solar stay functional at night? The answer to that question is solar storage. Solar storage allows your solar power system to use excess energy, which it stored during the day, overnight and whenever else energy is needed. EnergySage may have put it best when they wrote, “Thanks to grid connections and solar energy storage, solar panels are a sustainable round-the-clock energy solution.”

Why Should I Choose Solar Over Other Renewable Energy Sources?

We won’t dispute that mostly all renewable energy sources are better for homeowners, and for the planet, than fossil fuels. But as renewable energies become more prevalent, the need to compare and contrast even renewable energy sources is increasing. So, What sets solar apart from other renewable energy sources?

Firstly, solar is more effective at generating energy than wind power, easier to install than hydro power, and better for the environment than biomass (via CleanMaxSolar). If this isn’t enough of an explanation, solar tends to be more affordable too.

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What is the Installation Process Like?

The process can vary a bit depending upon the solar provider you’re working with, but in general, it isn’t too complicated for clients. In fact, Sunpower by Bluesel does all the paperwork for our clients when it comes to acquiring permits through local municipalities. We also complete the application that is necessary for utility companies. Take a look at how the entire process breaks down, from start to finish, by clicking here.

The benefits of solar power are clear. And if you’re reading this article, you’re probably becoming more and more aware of that fact. Improve the planet, improve your home, and improve your financial situation by going solar today.