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6 Reasons Why Solar Power Is So Popular

July 12, 2022

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular with homeowners and commercial business owners across our state and country. In fact, solar arrays are such a common sight in many Massachusetts communities that it’s no wonder we rank at the top of states that are producing solar energy and installing solar arrays! 

If your home or business hasn’t gone solar yet, you may be wondering why it’s so attractive to homeowners and business owners to invest in solar energy. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of it and outlined why solar power is gaining traction and becoming so popular. 

Here are the top 6 reasons why solar is gaining in popularity locally and around the world. 

#1 Solar Is Clean & Safe 

Concern for our planet and its health is growing every day. Yet, Americans love driving cars, heating and cooling our homes, and having every device known to man. It’s a catch-22

Thankfully, our choices in how to power our planet have expanded from the air-polluting carbon-emitting process that fossil fuels have provided for decades. 

Renewable energy sources, such as solar energy is clean and safe for our environment. 

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 89% of global emissions are from fossil fuels and industry. By using renewable energy sources over fossil fuels there will be fewer emissions and pollution dispersed into our atmosphere.

#2 Solar is a Cost Savings Investment 

Calculating how much solar energy could save your family or business takes some routine mathematics. 

At BlueSel, we examine the energy usage of a family or business to calculate how much is being spent on electricity each year. BlueSel arrives at the optimum design of the number and placement of solar panels by using past bills and discussing with homeowners their future plans. Once installed, they begin working for the homeowner and powering electric needs creating a greatly decreased (or near zero) utility bill. 

Taking into account that the cost of electricity is always going up and the cost of installing and producing solar panels is going down and it’s a win-win situation. In fact, states that since 2014, the average cost of solar PV panels has been decreasing.  In some cases they have dropped nearly 70%

Don’t forget that the federal government and states offer incentives and discounts for installing a renewable energy source! 

solar incentive

#3 No Supply Impacts 

Since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, we have become painfully aware of supply chain issues delaying the manufacturing and distribution of products and services. 

With solar energy, there is no mining, drilling, or piping of supplies. Sunshine is literally everywhere, therefore global events never impact the supply of energy to your solar panels. 

#4 Solar is Scaleable 

Solar energy can be used on small homes and large-scale projects for schools, businesses, or solar farms. Solar energy is amazingly scaleable and customizable to the needs of the business, town, government agency, or homeowner. 

SunPower by BlueSel is proud to have helped both residential homeowners looking to reduce their utility costs as well as large corporations looking to power their business on a much larger scale. 

#5 Solar is Versatile 

Solar power savings are available for the wealthy and the average citizen alike, from cash purchases through community solar programs and green energy buying options. Rebates and tax incentives are available for the largest solar energy customer to the smallest.

Additionally, homeowners can purchase with cash, financing for those with good credit, or renters and low-income residents have options via community solar and buying in MA’s deregulated marketplace from suppliers focused on renewable electricity sources.

#6 Cost-Effective Factories & Job Creation

In terms of creating jobs and building factories, hands down solar plants are not only more cost-effective than power plants but create a huge number of American jobs. 

American solar energy jobs, according to, are a proven job incubator. Their studies have shown that “solar jobs have increased 167% over the past decade, which is five times faster than the overall job growth rate in the U.S. economy.”