Palm trees in the summer

4 Reasons Why this Summer is the Perfect Time to Install Solar

May 16, 2020

Making the transition to solar energy can not only save homeowners thousands of dollars, it can also reduce the impact of their carbon footprint on the planet. Moreover, there are even lots of lesser known benefits of transitioning the renewable energy source. But while the benefits of solar are becoming common knowledge, there are still a few questions homeowners wrestle with before finally making the decision to bring in a company to install solar panels.

One of the questions homeowners have regarding the transition to solar energy is, “when the best time of the year is to schedule the installation?”

While the installations can take place during every season, here’s why summer just might be the perfect time to install solar. 

Reasons why homeowners should convert to Solar

Lower Your Summer Energy Bill

If you’re like millions of homeowners across the country, your energy bill probably shoots up in the summertime. Whether you’re keeping your air conditioner running all day and night, or your kids are home from school and doing all the things that kids love to do (like play video games and watch television), the summer can drive up your energy costs. 

Installing solar panels in the summer time also means you can utilize that solar energy almost immediately. The earlier in the summer you install, the more money you can save. It’s that simple. 

Take Advantage of All That Sun

There’s more hours of sunlight in the summertime. You probably (hopefully) already figured that out. In fact, there’s up to 5 hours more sunlight on a given day in the summertime than there is in the winter. But what exactly does that mean for solar power generation? 

Simply stated, more sunlight means more energy can be generated. Not only is this a good thing throughout the summer, but with battery storage, you can harness that extra energy from the sunlight and use it year round. Utilize the benefits of battery storage in the summertime to maximize on the season. 

It’s the Most Convenient Season for Installation

While installations can and do occur during every season, the chances of a project being delayed due to weather difficulties is significantly reduced in the summer. Long summer hours give solar power providers more daylight to accomplish their task, which means the project can often get done quicker. 

The summer also tends to be convenient for homeowners who may have some time of work, or for the lucky few, get to enjoy a summer vacation. While the process of a solar energy provider installing solar panels isn’t overly involved, some homeowners prefer to be around as much as possible throughout the installation. Summertime offers more flexibility to do that. 

Convert to solar for a more affordable future

Feel Good About Your Impact on the Planet 

The summer usually has us all enjoying a little more time in the great outdoors. Whether we’re hiking, spending time at the beach, or simply hanging around outside with friends and family, our appreciation for the planet we live on tends to be heightened when the weather is the most pleasant. 

The impact of fossil fuels and dangerous energy grids on climate change is essentially undeniable, as NASA tells us. While many homeowners are aware of this fact and bothered by it, they still never get around to transitioning to a natural energy source. Make this summer the one where you can begin to feel good about your impact on the planet

While it’s true that there isn’t a wrong season to begin to install solar panels, there’s no time like the present, and there’s no time like the summer. Take advantage of the extra sunlight in order to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint. A better future is waiting for you. Let’s get started.