Benefit from solar in MA

4 Reasons To Go Solar in Massachusetts

May 20, 2024

Solar power is becoming more popular with each passing year as Americans become concerned with climate change, the increasing cost of electricity and the impact of their carbon footprint. Massachusetts residents are particularly troubled by some of the highest monthly utility costs of any state. This statistic alone has many Bay Staters seeking an alternative to keeping those utility bills down while also being aware of the impact of climate change in our region. 

As we head into the sunniest months of the year in the northeast, it is a good time to review some of the top reasons why residents in Massachusetts should be informed of the powerful reasons why your neighbors are choosing to go solar this year. 

1 – Solar Creates Cost Savings

In these trying economic times, many Americans are interested in finding unique and effective ways to lower their bills. One bill that can be a shock each month is the utility bill, especially in Massachusetts which holds claim to some of the highest monthly utility costs of any state according to Forbes online. 

SunPower is known for having some of the most powerful and efficient solar panels in our area including the M-Series Solar Panels that deliver 60% more energy than conventional panels. This level of efficiency has the power to bring your utility costs down to next to nothing. 

Additional cost savings come from state, municipal and federal programs designed to encourage Americans to tap into the power of solar. 

These programs include: 

2 – Solar Reduces Carbon Footprint 

One of the greatest benefits of choosing solar for your home is the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power is known as a clean source of energy as it is generated through photovoltaic technology which is both natural and renewable. 

In addition to generating a form of clean energy, SunPower by BlueSel strives to create panels as clean as the energy they produce. As such, we are proud of the sustainable practices we follow in the manufacturing and installation of our world-class solar systems. 

3 – Solar Fosters Job Growth 

When our American economy is strong, our pocketbooks benefit. Part of what many people are considering when choosing solar for their homes is the positive impact the industry has on our nation’s economy. 

According to the 2024 Winter Quarterly Report on, the solar industry fosters rapid job growth in the U.S. allowing for lower unemployment and a stronger overall economy. 

4 – Solar Adds Value To Your Home 

There is a misconception that buyers don’t want homes with solar systems and that a system may lower your home’s value. 

This falsehood was debunked in a Zillow study that showed that, “Nationally, homes with solar-energy systems sold for 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar power.” This study illustrated that having solar arrays installed on your home can help increase its value.

Need more reasons to consider going solar in Massachusetts? Visit our website where we will show you our 25-year warranty, how solar works, and resources such as links to the tax rebates and incentives available at the state, municipal and federal levels. We look forward to working with you as you find the benefits of going solar.