Why Us

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Years of Experience

For 10 years SunPower by BlueSel panels have been installed on hundreds of homes of our satisfied customers. In fact, there are currently 600 homes collecting energy with SunPower panels, along the east coast of Massachusetts and on Cape Cod. See our testimonial page to hear what our customers are saying about our customer service and our panels.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Our solar consultants take the time to meet with each homeowner and answer a range of questions from installation to potential solar energy savings. Because we want to know our customer’s specific needs, we assess each home and create a custom solar design that’s tailored for every customer. Our customers have a wealth of specific information so they can make an informed decision about going solar, and we leave the decision up to you. To help with savings, our customers also have an estimate of future savings and a wide variety of solar financing options.

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Quality Panels

BlueSel offers the highest quality panels in the industry. We complement that with the longest warranty, best practices, and a near fanatical attention to detail. The Maxeon Technology used in SunPower panels allows for 30% more efficiency than other panels on market. Find our more about our Maxeon technology here

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Our product is warranted for 25 years and includes equipment modules and power production of panels. We also offer a 10 year workmanship warranty. See our warranty page

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Locally owned

Unlike some other solar installers, BlueSel is locally owned, with offices on Cape Cod and west of Boston in Woburn. When you go solar with BlueSel, your investment supports a local business and our solar economy.

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Master Dealer

Of its 1,200 dealers world-wide, SunPower, the world’s leading manufacturer of solar panels, has selected 30 Master Dealers. BlueSel is the first Master Dealer in Massachusetts. Why choose another installer?