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The BlueSel Process: Getting Started

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Initial meeting with a Member of our Team

During this time, we create a preliminary estimate and design scheme for your home, taking into account the homeowner’s energy needs by evaluating utility bills as well as examining the home’s roof and degree of sun exposure. These factors can tell our team if your home is a good candidate for our solar energy panels. We take the time to answer any questions the homeowner has about how solar works, our panels, and what the process will be, should they choose to install SunPower panels.

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After discussing the estimated cost and design, we enter into an agreement to install SunPower by BlueSel panels.

site survey and design

Site Survey and Design

Once a homeowner has decided to “go solar” with our company, our team completes a site survey, which allows us to create a custom-designed solar energy system to match the utility needs and size of your home. During this visit, we examine closely the utility panels, height and shade of nearby trees, and degree of sun exposure. We use various techniques for this, including Aurora and Lidar to evaluate the environmental surroundings.

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BlueSel does all the paperwork for our clients when it comes to acquiring permits through local municipalities. We also complete the application that is necessary for utility companies. We ensure that your system complies not only with the building and electrical codes, but with industry best practices.

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After all the paperwork has been submitted and all the permits have been approved, we set up an appointment that is convenient for the homeowner to install the panels. With the least disruption to your home, we install the panels and connect them to your home’s electric system. We also provide a detailed system manual and familiarize the homeowner with all the components of the system.

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Once the solar energy system has been installed, the last thing to complete is activation. One final inspection by local authorities and a check mark on the paperwork means that the homeowners can put their SunPower panels to work for them!