Maxeon Technology®

SunPower by BlueSel panels utilize Maxeon Technology®, which delivers unmatched reliability and higher efficiency than other conventional solar panels. SunPower panels capture more light and are more durable and efficient than any other solar panel in our industry.

  • Maxeon cells are different in that they have a copper foundation or backing, which not only adds strength, but also allows for optimal power conversion. This makes our panels 30% more efficient than conventional panels.
  • The solid copper backing is non-corrosive, which is an important factor when facing the ravages of Mother Nature and the highly corrosive salt water off the coast of New England.
  • Maxeon Technology offers a unique light-trapping surface that can grab more light and thus more power.
  • The anti-reflective coating allows for little-to-no solar glare, and the sleek black surface also offers no unsightly grid lines.
  • Maxeon Technology also provides for strong connectors between cells that can easily contract or expand depending upon the changing weather conditions.

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SunPower Panels

Produce 55% more energy than conventional cells in the first year of operation.

Uses copper backing, helping to add strength and resist corrosion.

Thick, robust connectors flex with unpredictable temperature changes.

Conventional Panels

Metal paste connections block light and corrode over time.

Metal paste is fragile and cracks easily.

Any connection breakage renders the cell useless.