Top Qualities To Look For In Solar Panels

November 11, 2022

When looking for good quality solar panels that will not only perform well but also last a long time, there are certain characteristics to look for. Keep reading for some of the key aspects to a solar panel that will significantly alter the performance of your panels and thus the return of your investment in solar energy. 


The technology inside your solar panels and within your solar system will be one of the most influential factors in the performance of your panels. SunPower by BlueSel panels utilize Maxeon Technology®which delivers more unmatched reliability and efficiency than other conventional solar panels. This technology allows the panels to capture more light energy, using a unique surface that promotes light-trapping, thus producing more power. 

Materials/ Durability 

Similar to the importance of technology, the materials used in your solar panels will significantly impact their performance. SunPower panels are made with copper backing which helps to add strength and resist corrosion, important to coastal Bay State homes. Additionally, their thick, robust connectors flex with unpredictable temperature changes, perfect for temperamental New England weather conditions. 

Other suppliers’ conventional panels are typically made with metal paste connections that block light, impairing energy production and eventually corroding over time. This metal paste is also very fragile and prone to cracking easily. 

One of the main reasons why materials are so important in the panels you choose has to do with durability. As solar is an investment, you want your solar system to last for many years to come, not deteriorate in a matter of months. Especially considering the harsh weather conditions of New England, in combination with Massachusetts’s proximity to the salty ocean air, solar panels need to be able to not only effectively absorb and convert sunlight, but also withstand whatever mother nature decides to inflict upon our area. 

Due to the high quality materials used in SunPower Panels, you can rest assured that they will last. We are so confident in their durability that BlueSel offers a Best-In-Class 25-year warranty. If you have any issues with your panels within 25 years of purchase, we will send a certified installation contractor to resolve the issue. This warranty covers not only power production, but also the panels, micro-inverters, and racking. 


Perhaps most important, you want to look at the efficiency of the panels you are considering having installed with your solar system. The efficiency of such panels will ultimately determine how much money you save and the portion of your home’s energy that solar supplies. 

The Maxeon technology built into our SunPower panels makes them 30% more efficient than conventional panels. Their copper foundation is optimal for power conversion and their unique light-trapping surface is able to grab more light and thus more power. Our panels have proven to produce 55% more energy in the first year of operation compared to conventional panels. This can significantly reduce the number of panels you may need to adequately cover your home’s energy requirements. In some cases, a home may only need one or two panels to get the job done. 

When shopping for solar panels, there are several factors that you should consider before making a decision on what product you will rely on to make your investment worthwhile. By choosing SunPower by BlueSel solar panels you are not only being guaranteed at least a 25 year trajectory out of your panels, but also high quality and durable materials that withstand New England’s unpredictable weather and efficiently produce the most amount of power available on the market.