How Do Communities Benefit from Residential Solar Power?

October 5, 2022


Investing in your own home with the installation of a solar system is obviously beneficial to both your finances and carbon footprint, but did you know that your community as a whole can benefit greatly from the installation of residential solar power? Read on to find out how making the switch to solar is a better choice for your community. 

Investing in Solar Supports the Local Economy 

Traditional forms of energy such as gas, coal, and oil are rarely a local commodity. Most often sourced from other states and countries. Typically, high costs stem from the process of mining, shipping, and distribution, not to mention the high demand for a non-renewable energy source. 

When you opt to install a solar system on your home, especially when working with a local company such as BlueSel, you are choosing to re-invest your money into a clean energy that is also locally based. Supporting both a small business and your community’s economy. One of the many reasons BlueSel has chosen to be a SunPower dealer is due to SunPower’s commitment to being a U.S. based supplier, a standard we value. 

Fuels Environmental Benefits 

It has long been known that solar power is one of the best options for energy, environmentally speaking. With no emissions and certain solar system’s ability to last for decades, the carbon footprint of solar energy is virtually non-existent. Choosing to incorporate solar into your energy consumption is helpful to the environment, both in the long term and the immediate quality of the air in your personal community. In addition to environmental benefits for homeowners, there are also tax incentives, as we discussed in a previous blog post. 

Reduces Electric Stress and Rates 

As with any sold commodity, the higher demand for something, the higher the price. This is no different for traditional electricity. The more stress that is caused on an area’s grid causes suppliers to increase price to account for maintenance costs, etc. 

Installing a solar system on your home significantly reduces the amount of electricity your home requires to function. This benefit, when attributed to several houses in entire neighborhoods, can result in significant lessening of power consumption. This lessening can thus lower rates for areas that no longer require 100% dependence on electricity.

Increases Public Health Quality

As solar is a green energy source, its increased usage in communities results in less pollution caused by other typical sources of energy. Due to its zero-emission rate, you can power your home without having to sacrifice air-quality. Many byproducts emitted by natural gasses have been linked to respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. By opting for solar energy, the risk of air pollution in your immediate environment is significantly lessened. 

There are many ways that investing in solar energy can positively impact communities. Whether it be sourcing renewable energy locally, gaining financial benefits, reducing the high demand for electricity, or simply making a greener choice for the earth, the perks of solar energy are endless.

Solar energy is simply a better alternative to fossil fuels, as our communities grow larger and we require more and more energy to sustain our daily lives, solar will be the green alternative many communities turn to. While also being environmentally friendly, solar has the power to save towns and cities large quantities of money while also being a safer alternative for their residents. 

Consider making an investment in not only your home and wallet, but the health of your community as well, contact BlueSel today.