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Do Solar Systems Require Maintenance?

August 1, 2022

Owning a home is a huge responsibility that requires almost daily maintenance and upkeep. Making the decision to install a solar system, although having many benefits for the environment and your wallet, is still another addition to your home that may require some maintenance. But just how much maintenance? Keep reading to find out how minimally this investment will impact the way you regularly care for your home. 

Maintenance is minimal 

BlueSel Home Solar’s solar systems are self-regulated by a built-in monitoring software. This software provides both the owner and the installer with short-term and long-term information, which is then used to determine if there are any service issues. 

No moving parts

Unlike a car, solar systems have no moving parts that would pose the risk of wear and tear. The stationary technology of solar panels lends themselves to being incredibly durable and long lasting, up to 25 years or even longer. Additionally, SunPower panels have proven to last 30% longer than our competitors, extending the average lifespan even further. 

Debris repellent 

BlueSel solar systems are designed to exist among the elements, not just in the absorption of direct sunlight, but also in defense against whatever else mother nature decides to throw our way. The physical surface of our SunPower panels are non-corrosive, a feature required for withstanding the salty ocean environment of New England. They are designed to repel buildup, such as dirt, pollen, and other natural materials that could inhibit performance. 

In addition to the surface design, additional external factors such as sloped roofing and incremental periods of rainfall aid greatly in keeping the panels clean from accumulation and at optimal function. 


Man installing solar panels on roof.

Infrequent inspections

Oftentimes the most harmful environmental factors on solar systems are not high winds or ice and snow, but rather little fluffy and feathered animals who find them to be an inviting place to make a nest or have a snack. 

Although the damage from squirrels, mice, birds, and other animals does not happen often, the damage can be very costly and lead to other problems if left unchecked. In order to avoid the impact of critters on your solar panels all together, it’s important to schedule a routine maintenance check about twice a year to make sure that any potential problems do not arise. 


Easy cleaning 

Just like any surface on your home, solar panels will occasionally require cleaning. This process, which should be performed by a professional to ensure there is no damage, is infrequent and inexpensive. Pricing is dependent upon varying factors, such as the level of cleanliness, the size of the panels, and the difficulty of access, but should only run you in the $150 to $300 price range. 

Between cleanings, you can also counteract debris buildup by carefully spraying the panels with a garden hose  (just be sure that the pressure of the water is not too high) or by using a very soft cloth to wipe the panel down. 

BlueSel’s SunPower panels utilize Maxeon Technology® which allows them to capture more light while also being more durable than competitors’ products. Our Solar Panels are made with a solid copper foundation layer which provides structural strength for long-term durability. Our Systems are specifically designed to not only last longer and be more efficient with little to no maintenance, but also to look good on your home! Make the Bluesel SunPower investment in your home today and your wallet and the earth will thank you tomorrow.