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Can Solar Batteries Help During The Winter In Massachusetts?

December 6, 2021

Well, winter has finally made its way back to Massachusetts. As the nights get longer and the temperatures drop below freezing, you may be looking for alternative ways to manage your home’s energy consumption outside of traditional or high-consumption methods.

One such method that has gained popularity is solar battery storage. If you currently have solar panels installed on your roof or if you are thinking about going solar in the future, you may want to consider the addition of battery storage.

Essentially, solar battery storage puts even greater control of your home’s energy usage, efficiency, and eco-friendliness, by storing excess energy created by your solar panels instead of sending it immediately back into the grid. For a more comprehensive breakdown of how solar batteries work, please check out our article, Solar Storage Solutions: Sunvault by SunPower.

But today, let’s explore how solar battery storage can help your home during the long, dark, and cold days of winter in Massachusetts.

Solar Batteries Can Help Power Your Home At Night

Do you want a home that is potentially capable of running itself solely on solar energy? Solar  batteries can help you achieve that goal, especially during the winter months.

Since solar panels require sunlight to convert into energy, they do not produce electricity during the nighttime hours. With the sun always seeming to set way too early in the winter time, this means that, despite high solar panel efficiency in the cold, your panels have less time to produce clean energy.

However, with battery storage, you can effectively use the excess energy stored during the daytime hours to power your home at night. Now, storage capabilities differ from battery to battery, so you’ll want to make sure that you consult with a solar expert who can recommend the correct battery for your home with the capability of powering your house throughout the night.

Keep Your Home Warm When The Power Goes Down

Doesn’t the power seem to go down right when you need it most? With frigid temperatures, snowstorms and blizzard conditions, and even ice storms striking New England throughout the winter, grid-based energy is often at risk.

With solar battery storage, you and your family can tap into your stored energy to power your home’s essentials during a power outage, including electricity-based heaters, lights, kitchen appliances, and more. 

Again, the amount of time that you can power your home off stored electricity depends on your battery’s storage capacity. So, while battery storage shouldn’t be relied on as a long-term solution for extended and crisis-level backups, it can certainly provide assistance.

solar battery storage vs. portable generators

Solar Battery Storage Backup vs. Portable Generators

Typically, portable generators are the go-to solution for powering your home when the grid goes down. However, these generators are typically an extremely noisy and disruptive power source while running, which is sure to affect your home and neighbors. Generators can also produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the air as well as dangerous carbon monoxide.

Solar batteries work as a cleaner, quieter solution for keeping the lights on when the grid goes down. And, many solar batteries feature app-based controls, allowing you to control energy usage via your mobile device, keeping you inside and warm rather than outside in the storm, trying to get your generator to start. 

Is Solar Battery Storage Right For Your Home?

So, is solar battery storage suitable for your home? While there are, of course, some factors that need to be considered when deciding whether to install solar storage into your home, we can confidently say that these batteries can provide many sustainable energy solutions during the winter months.

And, here at BlueSel, our solar contractors can help you explore those factors, helping you choose whether or not solar storage would make a great addition to your current or desired solar system.