Solar Trivia! 3 Fascinating Solar Facts: 2021 Edition

November 15, 2021

With so much serious (and hugely necessary) talk about solar finances, deep dives into the solar industry, and the technical aspects of solar system installations, we thought it might be a great time to dive into the fascinating and exciting facts that surround solar power in 2021.

Solar power is an incredible form of energy. For us, it’s the perfect merge of science, technology, and the natural energy that our universe provides us. 

So, today, it’s once again time for solar trivia! We’ll be exploring quick and exciting solar facts and innovations from across the world.

Did You Know? Solar Is The Most Abundant Energy Source On The Planet

This fact may not be a hard one to deduce, but nevertheless, it is incredible. Solar power is indeed the most abundant source of energy on the planet.

And it makes total sense! Our sun shines down on us every single day, providing warmth, light, and, of course, renewable energy. And, as technology advances, we can continuously find new and more efficient ways to harness this energy. 

Just look at how far we have come when it comes to using solar energy within our homes and businesses in the community! 

Did You Know? That Tasty End-of-Day Beer May Have Been Made By Solar Energy

It’s true! Solar power has even helped create some of the most well-known beer products across the world from a household brand, Budweiser.

In June 2021, the beer-brewing company announced that it was “proud to announce that we have achieved this goal – four years early – and our entire portfolio of domestic products – including Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob ULTRA, and our Brewers Collective family of craft partners – is now brewed with 100% renewable electricity* from solar and wind power.”

And, Budweiser isn’t alone. Many of the biggest brands utilize solar power to source renewable energy to help fuel their businesses, such as:

  • IKEA 
  • Kohls
  • Apple
  • Walmart
  • Target

Just to name a few!

Did You Know? The US Has Reached 3 MILLION Solar Installations Across The Country

In Sept. 2021, the United States officially surpassed 3 million solar installations across the nation. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, “the vast majority of which are residential systems.” And, this number is projected to grow to 4 million solar installations by 2023. 

Now more than ever, homes across the country are receiving the benefits of solar power, including right here in Massachusetts, where there is enough solar installed to power 552,186 homes, making up just over 18% of the state’s overall electricity supply. 

This represents enormous positive growth for solar power, opening the door for new innovations and technologies, such as the growing interest in solar battery storage technology. If these numbers are any indication, the solar industry is here to stay.