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Why Massachusetts Is One Of The Best Places To Own Residential Solar Panels

Why Massachusetts Is One Of The Best Places To Own Solar Panels

April 13, 2021

Isn’t living in Massachusetts great? One of the best parts about calling yourself a New Englander is the enormous amount of local pride and community that you get to take part in. Our local community is one that is unique, tight-knit, with a voice and style all our own. There truly is no place like Massachusetts.

Did you know that Massachusetts is also one of the best places in the nation to own residential solar panels? In today’s article, let’s get to the reasons why Massachusetts is one of the best places to invest in residential solar energy.

Benefits of Owning Solar Panels In Massachusetts

A Local Government That Supports Renewable Energy

One of the best reasons Massachusetts is such a great place to invest in solar power is the overwhelming amount of support given by our local government. Many programs have been put in place at the state level to incentivize individuals within Massachusetts communities to seriously consider solar energy and residential solar panels. 

The Massachusetts SMART Program

The Massachusetts SMART (Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target) Program remains one of the most incentivizing solar programs in the nation. Under the SMART Program, Mass residents who have installed solar panels onto their home are eligible to receive financial benefits for their solar contributions to their area’s grid. While there are many factors to consider, essentially, the SMART Program is where a solar energy owner feeds a portion of their energy directly into the grid and in return, the owner receives a fixed incentive over a period of time. 

Massachusetts Net Metering Support

Separate from the SMART Program, Massachusetts also supports local net metering, available for most residential solar systems in the state. Essentially, net metering allows residential solar panel owners to transfer unused energy back into the grid in exchange for monthly billing credits. There are an abundance of benefits in net metering for both residents and the community, including less strain on the local grid and even more control of your home’s energy usage and spending.

While net metering is offered in various states around the nation, it’s very much supported here in Massachusetts, allowing billing credits to roll over monthly, never expiring. Many utility companies around the country see net metering as a threat to their profits (it’s not) and seek to leverage their power to do away with net metering within their local communities. For this reason, it’s important to let your voice be heard and keep Massachusetts the excellent net metering-supported state that it currently is.

Year-Round Solar Power (Yes, That Includes The Cold)

There’s a commonly held misconception that solar panels function poorly in the cold, which we have quite a lot of here in Massachusetts during the winter months. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, solar panels have been found to increase efficiency in colder weather over warmer conditions. 

It’s important to remember that solar panels collect and repurpose sunlight into clean, renewable energy for your home, not heat. It’s also worth noting that an excess of heat actually decreases the efficiency of solar panels slightly. In contrast, solar panels have been proven to run efficiently, if not better, in colder weather. 

Modern solar panels are also built durable, able to withstand whatever cold temperatures that mother nature throws at us. So, whether the weather is cold, warm, snowy, windy, or rainy, you can rely on residential solar panels in Massachusetts year-round.

Solar Makes A Positive Impact Within Our Mass. Community

With the proper financial incentives in place, the state of Massachusetts and its citizens understand that solar power makes a positive impact within the community in many areas, and thus has become a welcome addition to our local community.

A Cleaner Massachusetts

A foundation principle of solar power is the positive impact on our environment, right down to our local communities. An investment in solar is an investment in cleaner homes, neighborhoods, towns, and cities within our incredible state. Massachusetts is beautiful, and the positive impact of solar power helps keep it that way, ensuring that we forever sustain our local communities for generations to come.

Support Local Business

Many solar companies and solar installation teams are locally based, relying solely on the business of their local communities and neighbors to keep them going. Supporting a Massachusetts solar installer not only keeps these local companies in business, but supports our local economy overall, keeping office managers, interns, solar experts, and technical maintenance, repair, and installation crews happily employed.

Solar Panels And Property Values

Solar Panels Potentially Raise Property Values

Did you know that homebuyers are willing to pay a premium for pre-installed solar homes? According to, a 2015 study has shown that those in the market for a new home are willing to pay a premium of up to $15,000 extra for homes with residential solar panels. The more that solar panels become the norm within our community, the more that you’ll start seeing overall home values within entire neighborhoods increase across the state. 

Join An Environmentally-Conscious Community, Dedicated To Protecting Our State, Country, and Planet

As you can see, investing in residential solar power and renewable energy in Massachusetts not only nets you and your loved ones an incredible array of benefits, but it also benefits the state as a whole. When you install solar panels onto your home or property, you’re joining a solar community dedicated to doing its part within the economy and to keeping our planet safe and clean for generations to come.

If you have any questions regarding the incredible benefits of solar power within the Bay State, please feel free to reach out to the BlueSel offices today.