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5 Key Ways That Solar Energy Benefits Our Local Community

5 Key Ways That Solar Energy Benefits Our Local Community

March 10, 2021

While going solar is a great personal investment in your home, eco-lifestyle, and energy-usage, installing residential solar panels onto your property also carries many benefits for the local community around you. While perhaps not immediately recognizable, solar panels have long-term benefits that support you, your family, your neighbors, and your community. 

In today’s blog, let’s take a brief look at 5 key ways that solar panels make a positive impact on your local area’s environmental and economic health.

How Does Solar Energy Benefit My Community? 

1. A Clean, Healthy Environment for the Entire Community

Let’s start with the all-encompassing basic benefit of solar power, it’s great for the environment. The more solar panels that find their way onto homes, the cleaner that our communities will become, especially for our children and their children. While investing in solar power is extremely beneficial for you and your family today, it’s also an investment in the community around you for years to come.

2. Solar Powers Local Business And Careers

Many solar companies in Massachusetts, such as SunPower by BlueSel, are locally owned and operated within the community. Supporting solar power supports these local businesses, especially in a time when supporting local business is absolutely essential to keeping our economy afloat. 

The solar industry also creates an enormous amount of jobs within engineering, maintenance, technology, sales, business, and many more. In 2018, the solar sector reportedly supported over 240,000 jobs in the United States within various communities across the nation.

3. Residential Solar Panels Raise Property Values

Did you know that home buyers are more willing to pay extra for homes with solar panels already installed? According to, a 2015 study shows that home buyers pay a premium of around $15,000 extra for pre-installed solar panels. While we’re not advocating that you lobby your neighbors to install solar panels onto their properties, the more solar panels that find their way onto homes, the more that you’ll see neighborhood and community values rise. 

4. Reduces Strain On Local Grids

There are times when your local grid reaches high-demand, potentially straining the system, especially during the long nights of winter and natural events, such as rain and snowstorms. Residential solar power helps curb that demand, reducing the strain on your local utility company.

In fact, if solar panels produce more electricity than your home needs, net metering practices transfer that excess energy back into the grid in return for utility bill credits, potentially indirectly providing your entire neighborhood with power. 

5. Putting Your Money Back Into the Community

The various financial incentives of investing in solar panels, such as net metering, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, and Massachusetts’s SMART Program, bring fantastic individual benefits into your home. 

But, did you know that these financial incentives also benefit the community around you? The more money you save on your utility bills and via the various tax incentives, credits, and economic programs, allows you to invest those funds back into your local economy, supporting your local businesses and community causes. 

At BlueSel, we believe in the power of solar and the power of community. It’s incredible to think that investing in residential solar power and renewable energy can have such a positive impact on both your wallet, your home, and the community around you, directly and indirectly.