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The Bluesel Policy on Health and Safety Moving Forward

May 7, 2020

COVID-19 has forced businesses and organizations across the world to fundamentally alter the way in which they do business. While every company wants to continue working and accomplishing tasks for their clients and customers, the virus has, in some cases, made it incredibly difficult to do so. 

At Sunpower by Bluesel, we aren’t playing around when it comes to the health and safety of both our employees and our clients. While the current pandemic will eventually pass, health and safety concerns are ever present in one form or another. That’s why our policy on health and safety is constantly evolving. Here’s what Sunpower by Bluesel is and will be doing to ensure the safety of our customers, employees, and communities. 

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Rigorous Sanitizing Routines

Thoroughly cleaning surfaces is absolutely essential to maintaining good health and proper hygiene, especially in the current climate. This includes consistently wiping down the surfaces of our offices, the products and tools involved in the installation process, and most importantly, sanitizing and washing our own hands and faces. 

COVID-19 has highlighted just how quickly and easily viruses can spread. And in reality, you typically don’t realize the issue until it’s too late. That’s why Sunpower by Bluesel is staying ahead of the threats by implementing year round cleaning and sanitizing policies. 

Being Mindful of Entering Homes

Throughout the course of the pandemic, Bluesel employees who work in the field will be trying their hardest to avoid entering customers’ homes all together. Even with perfect hygiene and a constant mindfulness of how to prevent the spread of the virus, the best way to truly stop the spread is to maintain healthy social distancing. 

This is another policy that we feel will benefit the community moving forward. While it may be, in some cases, necessary for our employees to enter your home, keeping those encounters to a minimum is best. Most importantly, this won’t affect communication on your project. The team at Bluesel will ensure you’re constantly updated on the status of your installation, and consulted with regarding every decision along the way. 

Bluesel values the health and safety of employees and customers

Remote Conferencing

As many other companies are doing across the globe, we’re stepping up our ability to conference with customers remotely. For a while, BlueSel Solar has found to be the most effective tool to remotely conference with customers and share documents and content via screen sharing. For our customers, all you’ll need to do is click on a notice via email in order to automatically join the conference. We realize, however, that many families already use Skype as a tool to stay in touch with everyone near and distant. So, we offer this as a quick alternative for our remote conference needs.

For customers that prefer other familiar tools, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, we will also happily work with you using those technologies. Please let us know in advance of a web conference if you have such a preference.


These unusual and unsettling times won’t last forever, but the routines we’re all developing of good hygiene and safety, should. At Sunpower by Bluesel, we’re doing everything in our power to ensure our customers, employees, and communities are safe today and for years to come.