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10 Things You Need to Know About Solar 

January 10, 2020

Welcome to a new year, one that promises great things for our environment… if we all do our part. Green energy is gaining traction, with more and more environmentally and fiscally conscious people getting on board every day. Even though the ability to harness the sun’s energy has been used since the days of Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century, there are still many things that homeowners should know about solar energy systems. 

Did you know that solar energy is...

# 1 – The Savings 

One of the first things that draws residents to the idea of adding a solar energy system to their home is the amazing cost savings. Installing a solar energy system is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Not only are there federal and state incentives to help with the initial cost, but the mere idea that one’s electric bill will be reduced dramatically or even eliminated is enough to catch the attention of homeowners looking for some bill relief. 

# 2 – No Maintenance 

One aspect of installing a solar energy system that many homeowners are not aware of is that there is little to no maintenance needed once the array has been installed. Since there are no moving parts, there is generally no need for annual maintenance. It is practically the only appliance in a home that will not have you calling for a repair person annually. 

# 3 – Durable 

We often get the question about durability in regards to homes that may see some wild weather. Solar energy systems are rugged and durable. They are meant to withstand the elements including snow, wind, rain, hail, and all that Mother Nature throws at us here in New England. The components are sturdy and the panels themselves are made of tempered glass that can handle the precipitation that occurs in our region. In fact, many homeowners are happy to report that the panels have actually shielded and protected their roof rather than caused any incidents themselves. 

# 4 – Solar is Cheaper than Fossil Fuels 

Oil, natural gas, and coal are energy sources of the past. Solar, wind, and thermal power are the future. According to Lazard’s Levelized Cost Of Energy Analysis–Version 11.0, solar energy costs as little as 4.3 cents per kWh on an unsubsidized basis, cheaper than nearly every option for new fossil-fuel power plants. The cheapest fossil fuel option is natural gas, which costs between 4.2 and 7.8 cents per kWh. 

# 5 – Long Lasting 

SunPower by BlueSel solar energy systems have both a product and power warranty. Our systems stay efficient much longer than any of our competitors. Check out the comparisons on our warranty page. This investment will not only provide exceptional ROI but it will also last for decades. 

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# 6 – Solar Energy Systems are Environmentally Friendly 

Solar energy systems harness the power of the sun, a renewable energy source. There’s enough solar energy hitting the Earth every hour to meet all of humanity’s power needs for an entire year. Solar energy users save, annually, as much as 75 million barrels of oil and 35 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

# 7 – Solar Energy Systems and Battery Backup 

Solar energy systems now come with the added bonus of battery backup. New England sees its fair share of storms, blizzards, hurricanes, and Nor’easters. Imagine having guaranteed power in the case of a power outage in your area? The battery backup guaranteed in our Equinox systems can keep your home energized all without that annoying traditional generator sound and smell blasting outside your window. 

# 8 – Full Sun is NOT a Requirement 

Many homeowners ask us about cloudy, rainy days and the optimization of their solar energy systems. Our region gets more than enough sun to run our homes on a daily basis. Even homes that have partial sun are possible candidates for solar energy systems. Our experts can evaluate a home and determine if the array can be slanted and angled in such a way to access a maximum amount of sunlight for our region. 

# 9 – Payment Options 

Homeowners can opt for a payment program or leasing option to get them started on their solar journey. Not only do these systems pay for themselves, they can also increase the value of a home when it comes time for resale. 

# 10 – We Do it All! 

When a homeowner decides to “Go Green” and install a solar energy system, we take care of them during every step in the process. Our solar installers examine the roof to check that the home is a good candidate for solar. If the homeowners opt for solar, we handle the permitting, installation, and activation of the system. We are there with our clients from the initial meeting until the system is up and working.