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Financing your Solar Energy System

May 8, 2019

How do you plan to maximize the financial benefits of choosing to go solar with a solar energy system? There are a few financing options through BlueSel that will help you do just that.

Now that you have chosen to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your monthly utility bill, it is time to decide how to finance your solar energy system. Options include a cash payment, lease, or loan to pay for your system. Each has its benefits but deciding which is right for you will be determined by your budget and your plans for the future.

Most solar energy systems generate electricity for over two decades, which means you can lock in savings for a long time. This is fantastic news since the cost of energy appears to be increasing for the foreseeable future. These systems are a long-term investment, which means that taking out a loan or leasing are viable options that will allow you to spread out your payments and use the incentives allowed by the federal government to help you get started on your solar journey.

Cash Payment Option For Solar

If you decide to choose the cash payment route, it means that you own the system and the energy it produces. Purchasing your SunPower by BlueSel system directly can maximize your savings. Over time, your system can pay for itself through your utility bill savings. Homeowners then get to keep all tax credits and incentives that are afforded to them from the local, state, or federal government.

Leasing Solar Energy Systems

The leasing option is a great way to afford a solar energy system, even if you do not have the cash available to buy the system outright from our company. The leasing option means that SunPower by BlueSel owns the system and the homeowner pays a monthly amount to “rent” the system and use the energy produced. Most customers who choose this strategy report that their remaining utility bill and lease are lower than their previous utility bills. If a home is sold during the term of the lease, the new homeowner will take control of the lease. This process is handled by SunPower by BlueSel.

Get A Loan For Your Solar System

The third option for homeowners who want to get started preserving the environment and lowering their utility bill is the loan option. A loan means that you will own the solar energy system while you pay off the loan. We offer several terms such as a 10, 15, or 20-year payment term. The homeowner keeps all local, state, and/or federal credits or incentives for which they are eligible. With BlueSel’s $0 down solar financing option, you can start saving with little to no upfront costs.

How do you plan to maximize your savings? Cash, loan, or lease? Call BlueSel if you have questions about how you can get started on protecting the environment and lowering your bills today. Contact BlueSel today at 781-281-8130, or visit our website.