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Why California is a Leader in Solar

November 1, 2018

The state of California continues to be a national leader in solar energy. Why is this? Could it be that they have more sunny days than other states? Or perhaps they have more environmentally conscious residents looking to use renewable energy sources rather than traditional sources such as coal, fossil fuels, and natural gas? Mostly, the answer to why California is a leader in the solar energy field is a combination of two main factors: they have a wide range of supportive solar policies and a plethora of sunny days every year. Let’s take a closer look at these factors and see how the lessons of California can be applied to Massachusetts.

Sunny Days

California has its fair share of sun-filled days when solar panels can collect hours and hours worth of photons that will be converted into electricity for homes, businesses, and government buildings. In fact, according to the website Current Results Weather and Science, most of California’s major cities get well over 225 days of sunshine/partial sunshine every year. More specifically, Los Angeles averages 285 days of sunshine annually, well above the national average. That is a lot of sun!

Knowing these statistics should not be a form of discouragement for homeowners living in less sunny states. Solar panels do not need direct sunshine nor full sun to collect the powerful rays known as photos. While direct sun is optimal, it is not required to collect sun rays that can help power your home. Massachusetts averages 200 days of sunshine yearly. That is still quite a bit of sunshine that can be harnessed.

Policies and Legislation

Having ample sunshine is just the first step in how California has become a powerhouse leader in solar energy. Legislation and policies that help support the development and encourage the use of solar energy have contributed greatly to California’s solar industry. Here are just a few of the policies and stats that other states may want to replicate or adapt for the needs and usage of their residents.

California has put its money where its mouth is in regard to encouraging solar development and usage. The total solar investment in California is $44,241.17 million!
California’s Million Solar Roofs Initiative is a success! The Million Solar Roofs Initiative was designed to lower the cost of solar energy and make it a mainstream source of energy.
California’s solar photovoltaic capacity has increased more than 16-fold with the building and development of more solar farms.
Support for the solar industry and growing the job sector of this field has led to 86,414 jobs in the solar field.

Massachusetts, while not nearly as advanced as California in its legislation supporting solar energy, has made strides just this year encouraging and rewarding families who switch to solar. We should be proud of our steps toward using renewable energy and encourage our legislators to continue to support this agenda.

These components have created an optimal situation for the growth of the solar energy field. Combine this with a culture and population open to using clean energy and their leadership is apparent! If you are considering switching to solar energy, or just want more information, call SunPower by BlueSel at 781-281-8130, or visit our website today.