Three Ways to Help the Environment and Save Money?

October 23, 2018

It is unnerving to think that every day, through our normal routines and our dependence on energy, that the average citizen is harming the environment. Unfortunately, the fact is that Americans contribute to billions of gallons of wasted water, landfill garbage, and air pollution every single day. Over the past couple decades, there has been a positive trend toward “greening” our behaviors. These small changes can add up, help the environment, and even save consumers money. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that all of us can not only help the environment, but help our wallets at the same time.


Go Solar

Americans are really beginning to see the benefits of using a clean, renewable energy source like solar energy systems. Going solar is a great way to reduce your overall carbon footprint and get your utility bills way down, if not completely eliminated! Solar energy systems are no longer a fad but a mainstream method to cut back on fossil fuel emissions and our dependence on foreign energy sources. Solar energy is fast becoming the wave of the future in regard to our environment, national economy, and our wallets.

Conserve Water

Americans waste an average of 7 billion gallons of water every year according to the ASCE Infrastructure Report Card. Wastefulness comes in the form of running water when brushing teeth and washing dishes, not filling the clothes washer when completing a load of laundry, leaky faucets, and irrigation systems that are not well programed. By cutting back on unnecessary water usage, homeowners can not only save money on their water bill, but also conserve our precious water.

Reduce Trash

Americans produce 180 million tons of trash every year according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Depending upon where you live, trash services are either incorporated within your municipal taxes or are paid out-of-pocket. The cost of all this excessive trash is not just in terms of your taxes, but also in terms of the damage that it does to our environment. To limit the effects on both, homeowners can really step up their efforts in recycling, upcycling, and reusing items whenever possible. Even small changes like using reusable water bottles instead of one-time-use bottles, can save tons of trash and, bonus, recycling is free in most communities.

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